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The Van Meter Family Tree Genealogy

Van Meter Family Ancestor
Janitje ‘Jane’ Van Meter (1680-1742)
8th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Van Meter Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Donald’s mother was Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Marilyn’s father was Virgil Scott Miller (1888-1956)
Great Grandmother
Virgil’s mother was Elizabeth Ann Hendrick (1854-1941)
2nd Great Grandfather
Elizabeth’s father was Luther Calvin Hendrick (1826-1908)
3rd Great Grandfather
Luther’s father was Calvin Hendrick (1801-1884)
4th Great Grandfather
Calvin’s father was Robert Hendrick (1780-1818)
5th Great Grandfather
Robert’s father was Bernard Hendrick (1749-1782)
6th Great Grandfather
Bernards’ father was Benjamin Hendrick (1725-1777)
7th Great Grandfather
Benjamin’s father was Hans Hendrick (1703-1773)
8th Great Grandmother
Hans’ mother was Janitje Jane Van Meter (1680-1742)
Van Meter Family Ancestor Genealogy
8th Great Grandmother
Janitje Jane Van Meter (1680-1742)
Janitje married Hans Hendrick (1675-1735 in Middlesex, Middlesex County, New Jersey in 1702.  Janitje’s father was Jon Josten Van Meter.
9th Great Grandfather
Jon Josten Van Meter (1620-Unknown)
Jon married Maijken Van Den Oever (1624-Unknown).
The Van Meterens of Holland and America
The following is copied from ‘The Van Meteren’s of Holland and America’, by Amelia Clay Lewis Van Meter Rogers; “ (the full transcript can be read by following the link above)….this paper is a tribute to an honored name, endeavors to present some fragments and parts of history relating to the origin, descent and sundry migrations of a branch of the Van Meteren family from its habitat in Holland to its beginnings in America.”
The Van Meterens were among the more accomplished citizens, serving their country in government and science. They were tradesmen, printers, linguists, and publishers.
It is said that a ‘Emmanuel' Van Meteren was ranked as one of the most learned and prominent Hollanders, who came from Antwerp to serve his country in an Edward VI England. He was a scholar, historian, statesman, and philosopher.  He was the author of ‘History Van de Oorlogen en Geschiedenissen der Nederlanderen’ , The History of the Netherlands.
Emmanuel was born in Antwerp in June 9, 1535, and he was the grandson of Cornelius Van Meteren, and the son of Jacob Van Meteren, of Breda, who was a printer, linguist and scientist.  This Jacob, in association with Miles Coverdale, was the translator and publisher, at Antwerp, of the first English version of the Bible, a work that is, today, in its original edition, worth its weight in gold.
The Van Meter Family
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"The Van Meter family of America, as far as the author can find out, descended from two men; jan Gysbertsen van Meteren who married Neltje Van Cleef, and Jan Joost van Meteren, both whom emigrated from the province of Gelderland, Holland.  These two names in english would be John Gisbertson of Meteren and Kryn or Krine jansen Van Meteren.  They located in Ultricht, in King’s County, and afterwards removed to Monmouth County, New Jersey.”
(referenced as “Begen’s “Annals of King’s County, New Jersey”, pp. 345, 346)
The Coverdale Bible
The Coverdale Bible, compiled by Myles Coverdale and published in 1535, was the first complete Modern English translation of the Bible (not just the Old Testament or New Testament), and the first complete printed translation into English (cf. Wycliffe's Bible in manuscript). The later editions (folio and quarto) published in 1539 were the first complete Bibles printed in England. The 1539 folio edition carried the royal licence and was therefore the first officially approved Bible translation in English.
The place of publication of the 1535 edition was long disputed. The printer was assumed to be either Froschover in Zurich or Cervicornus and Soter (in Cologne or Marburg). Since the discovery of Guido Latré, in 1997, the printer has been identified as Merten de Keyser, in Antwerp. The publication was partly financed by Jacobus van Meteren, in Antwerp, whose sister-in-law, Adriana de Weyden, married John Rogers.
The other backer of the Coverdale Bible was Jacobus van Meteren’s nephew, Leonard Ortels (†1539), father of Abraham Ortelius (1527–1598), the famous humanist geographer and cartographer.
Although Coverdale was also involved in the preparation of the Great Bible of 1539, the Coverdale Bible continued to be reprinted. The last of over 20 editions of the whole Bible, or its New Testament, appeared in 1553.
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Jacobus Van Meteren
Sir Jacobus van Meteren (born 1519) was the financier and printer of early English versions of the Bible. He was involved in the printing of an edition of Tyndale's New Testament in 1535 (Herbert #15). The Coverdale Bible of 1535 (Herbert #18) may also have been his work. He may also have printed the Matthew Bible of 1537 (Herbert #34), the combined work of William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale and John Rogers. It is unknown if he was the only financier, printer or publisher of these works, or one of several.
Referenced Websites: 1) Van Meter Pioneers in America;; 2) Steven Butler’s Family History Website, Biographies, Jan or John Van Meter; 3) Dobson Family Tree, Rootsweb;
Articles on the Coverdale Bible and Jacobus Van Meteren are from Wikipedia
Page Background Image Credits: ‘Figures on a Canal in Oudewater, Holland’ by Willem Koekkoek (1839-1895); image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Botarurus
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