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The Stetson Family Tree Genealogy

Elizabeth Stetson (1682-1711)
7th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Stetson Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee  (1945)
Wendell Orie Lee  (1922-1999)
Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandfather
Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933)
2nd Great Grandfather
Charles Henry Lee (1837-1905)
3rd Great Grandmother
Betsy Ann Benson (1814-1889)
4th Great Grandfather
Benjamin Benson (1773-1846)
5th Great Grandfather
Stetson Benson (1741-1820)
6th Great Grandfather
William Benson (1710-1797)
7th Great Grandmother
Elizabeth Stetson (1682-1711)
Elizabeth Stetson Family Tree
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Story of the Stetson Hat Video
Stetson Family Ancestors
Elizabeth Stetson (1682-1711)
7 Great Grandmother
Elizabeth Stetson married William Benson (1680-1710) in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1710. Elizabeth’s father was Samuel Stetson.
Samuel Stetson (1646-1723)
8 Great Grandfather
Samuel Stetson (1646-1723) married Lydia Pickles (1662-1704) in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1678.
Cornet Robert Stetson (bef.1613-1702)
9th Great Grandfather
Cornet Robert Stetson (bef.1613-1702) married Honor Tucker in Devonshire, England. Robert Stetson/Studson appears to have been a resident of Scituate by 1639 as the birth of his son Joseph is recorded in the Town’s vital records in June of that year. Reference Robert’s father was Thomas ‘Stitson’ from Of, Modbury, Devonshire, England.
Thomas Stitson (1580-1643)
10th Great Grandfather
Thomas Stitson (1580-1643) married Argent Lukesmore (1584-1643) on March 3, 1605. Thomas’ father was John Stedson.
John Stetson (1554-1614)
11th Great Grandfather
John Stetson (1554-1614) married Agnes (1558-1622)
A Military Cornet
A short video on the definition of a military Cornet. The rank of Cornet was later changed to 2nd Lieutenant. Cornet Robert Stetson is mentioned in this short video from WikiAudio on YouTube.
Cornet Robert Stetson - Cornet of Horse
Robert Stetson/Studson appears to have been a resident of Scituate, Massachusetts by 1639 as the birth of his son Joseph is recorded in town’s vital records in June of that year. He is listed as a ‘First Settler’ of Scituate. It is also noted on WikiAudio, that Robert was a Cornet before he arrived in America as he was a well-known Cornet in the English Civil War.
In 1666 Cornet Robert was the largest individual land holder in Scituate and the larger part of his holdings were in what afterwards became Hanover. Inn 1690 he gave to his son, Captain Benjamin, a beautiful tract of 60 acres, now in Hanover. This land was owned by four successive generations of Benjamin Stetsons.
During Philips war Robert was on the ‘Council of War’. General Cudworth and Cornet Stetson were intimate friends and associates during their whole lives and were frequently sent on important missions by the colony or worked together in the interests of the town of Scituate. Robert built and owned saw mills including the old Drinkwater Mill. In May of 1676, the second and most disastrous attack on Scituate was made by the Narragansett Indians. The Indians burned down Robert’s sawmill and attacked the people who lived in Scituate burning down several of their houses, about 12 of them. During that same year 32 heads of families were slain by the Indians.. Cornet Stetson was in his 64th year and still in charge of the Troopers of Horse. Robert was the Cornet of the Troopers for seventeen years, their military leader.
Cornet Stetson was born in 1613. He married Honor and his nine children were Joseph, b. June 1639; Benjamin, b. Aug 1641; Thomas, b. Dec 11, 1643; Samuel, b. June 1646; John, b. April 1648; Eunic, b. April 28, 1650; Lois, b. February 1652; Robert, b. Jan 29, 1653; Timothy, b. 1657. Lois and timothy were not mentioned in Robert’s will so it seems likely that they died early. Robert Stetson was the only pioneer of New England bearing the name Stetson who left male offspring. Robert’s six sons most likely were pressed into service during King Philip’s war, Captain Benjamin, Ensign John, Sergeant Samuel and the others, some of them Troopers.
Robert’s wife, Honor, was a faithful loving wife and mother. She was married to Robert until she died. After Honor died, the widow of his old friend and fellow deputy, John Bryant, Mary Bryant became his companion during the rest of his life. 350 years after Robert and Honor made their home on the banks of the North River, the name of Stetson is now extinct in the towns of Norwell and Scituate. Nevertheless, as the vital records of Scituate reveal, fully half the inhabitants of Norwell and Hanover are descended from this “ancient coupled”
Reference: Sketch of Cornet Robert Stetson: The Veteran Cornet for the Plymouth Colony Troopers, 1958; by Nelson Mitchell Stetson, 1855-1930.
John Batterson Stetson 1830-1906
6th Cousin
John Patterson Stetson was born in 1830 in Orange, New Jersey. He was the seventh of twelve children. John’s father was a successful ‘hatter’, a hat merchant, and his company was called the No Name Hat Company. Young John was tutored by his mother while his father taught him the hatter trade. John went west due to his tuberculosis. He was twenty years old at that time. John returned to Philadelphia and started his on business. With a lot of competition in the hat market, John took a gamble and started making his famous Stetson hat, calling it ‘The Boss of the Plains’. The rest is history!
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Photo courtesy of Scewing on Wikimedia Commons
Relationship to John Batterson Stetson

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Sergeant Samuel Stetson
8th Great Grandfather
Sergeant Samuel married Lydia Pickles and they had twelve children. The old house which was built sometime before 1700, was in that year willed to Samuel by his father, “to my well beloved son Samuel Stedson of Scituate”.
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Image from Nelson Mitchell Stetson’s Sketch of cornet Robert Stetson.
Page Background Image Credits: Society of Friends Meeting House at New Garden, Guilford County, North Carolina; 1869 by John Collins ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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