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Sackett Family Tree Genealogy

Ursula U. Sackett 1809-1903
3rd Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Sackett Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Wendell Orie Lee (1922-1999)
Alberta Lewis Lee (1898-1963)
Great Grandmother
Jennie Mary Hibbard (1869-1949)
2 Great Grandmother
Almena C. Chase (1844-1877)
3rd Great Grandmother
Ursula U. Sackett (1809-1903)
Donald Scott Lee Sackett Family Pedigree
3rd Great Grandmother
Ursula U. Sackett (1809-1903)
Ursula was born in Hampshire County, Massachusetts in 1809, and was the daughter of Roland Sackett and Lovina Edson. Her ancestors had emigrated from the isle of Thanet, in Kent, England to Boston, in 1830, sailing on the ship 'Lyon'. They were among the first settlers of Newtown, fleeing religious persecution.[1]
Ursula was about 21 years old when when married Samuel Gilman Chase, a young farmer. Their first born was a boy who they named Jabez, born around 1831.[2] Another little boy came along a couple of years after Jabez, and they named him William, born about 1833.[3] A couple of years later, Ursula had a baby girl, who she named Jane.[4]The family went on to grow on the farm to a family of five including the children: 1) Martha 'Jane' born in 1835, 2) Newell Samuel born on 22 May 1837 3) Almina born about 1845[5]
In 1870, Ursula was still married and living with her husband on the farm in Mead 'Meadville', Pennsylvania, with her son, William and wife, Amelia, nearby.[6] After her husband, Samuel, passed away, Ursula moved to Allegany, Cattaraugus County, New York, to live with her daughter, Jane, and her husband, Wilberforce Johnson. Ursula was 91 years old at the turn of the century.[7]
Ursula is buried at the Wayland Cemetery in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, next to her husband, Samuel.[3]. Ursula’s father was Roland Sackett.
4th Great Grandfather
Roland Sackett (1788-1863)
Roland was born in Westfield, hampden County, Massachusetts. He was born in 1788. Roland was the son of Zavan Sackett and Abigail Bills. Intention to marry Lovina Edson was filed on February 21, 1807, in Huntington, Massachusetts.[2] Rolin (Rowland) married Lovina Edson in the town of Montgomery, Hampden County, Massachusetts, on March 11, 1807.[3]
In 1840, Roland Sackett was living in Mead, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer and there were ten living on the farm. Roland did not own slaves.[1] In 1850, Rolin was still farming in Mead Township, at 65 years of age and he was living with his second wife, Parmelia, who was born in New York. Roland died in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, on February 22, 2863.
Children of Roland and Lovina Edson were Harvey, Ursula, Orinda, Julia, Laura B., Erastus E., Harriet N., Lydia, Edson Sylvester.
Children of Roland and his second wife, Parmillia Chamberlain were Charles, Rolin, Leonard, Zavan, Elizabeth, Louisa, Mary P., Henry, and John F. [4][5]
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5th Great Grandfather
Zavan Sackett (1751-1840)
Zavan was born on April 28, 1751, in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. He was the son of Isaac Sackett and Elizabeth Shepard. He was the brother of Lydia, Ezekiel, Mehitable, David, and Adnah Sackett. There may be others. Zavan married Abigail Bills on February 6, 1779, in Southhampton, Massachusetts. Zavan was the father of Roland. He died on October 26, 1840 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
6th Great Grandfather
Isaac Sackett (1704-1773)
Isaac was born on February 14, 1704, in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. He was the son of John Sackett II and Mehitable Danks. Isaac married Elizabeth Shepard on December 18, 1735, in Westfield, Mass. Issac was the father of Lydia, Ezekiel, Mehitable, David, Abnah and Zavan Sackett. Isaac died on October 29, 1773 in Westfield.
7th Great Grandfather
John Sackett II (1660-1745)
John Sackett II was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT, on November 4, 1660. He was the son of John Sackett I and Abigail Hannum. John’s brother, William, was the second great grandfather of Nathaniel Sackett, Washington’s Spymaster during the Revolutionary War. John married Deborah Filey on December 1, 1686 in Connecticut. He married Mehitable Danks in 1703 in Massachusetts. John passed away on December 20, 1745, in Westfield, Massachusetts.
8th Great Grandfather
John Sackett I (1632-1719)
John Sackett I was born in 1632 in Newtown (Cambridge), Middlesex, Massachusetts. He was the son of Simon Sackett and Isabel Pearce Bloomfield. John married Abigail Hannum on November 23, 1659 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. John was the father of John II, William, Abigail Noble, Hannah Newberry, Samuel and Abigail King. John Sackett died on October 8, 1719, in Westfield.
Ursula U. Sackett (1809-1903)
3rd Great Grandmother
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Image provided by D.Scott Lee, Family Photo
Edson Sackett’s Death Certificate
April 16, 1909
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Edson S. Sackett was a son of Roland Sackett and Lovina Edson. He was Ursula’s brother and one of nine children born by Lovina. Edson also had 8 half siblings who were the sons and daughters of his father Roland and his second wife, Parmillia Chamberlain. (Wikitree)
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