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Ricord Family Tree Genealogy

Luella Ricord (1865-1921)
Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Ricord Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee  (1945)
Father Donald Scott Lee’s father was Wendell Orie Lee  (1922-1999)
Grandfather Wendell’s father was Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandmother
Orie's mother was Luella Ricord (1865-1921)
Ricord Family Ancestors
1 Great Grandmother Luella Ricord (1865-1921)

Luella was born in June of 1865, in Indiana. In 1870, Luella was living on her parent’s farm in Tebo, Henry County, Missouri. She was five years old. Document She married Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933) in Lebanon, Missouri in 1891.  Luella had been previously married to a Mr. Wright, by whom she had one child that is known. His name was Ed Wright. Media Photo This fact can be documented with the 1885 Kansas State Census which lists Luella (Lew) as 19 years old living at home with her parents and her 8 month old son, Edward C. Wright. Document What happened to her husband remains a mystery. Joseph Lee and Luella had six sons, Charles Frederick, Alvin Raymond, Orie Finiae, William ‘Bill’, James Leonard and Frank Lloyd. Media Photo Luella died in Colton, California on April 8, 1921. Both Luella and Joseph are buried in Colton, California. Luella’s father was William Thomas Ricord.
2 Great Grandfather William Thomas Ricord (1839-1921)

William Thomas Ricord was born on November 4, 1839, in Jackson, Shelby County, Indiana. William was living on the farm in Jackson with his parents, James and Eleanor Richard, and siblings, Martha (17), Nancy (5), and Lydia (2). William was 10 years old. William married Sarah Jane Stevens (1840-1926) in Fayette, Indiana on April 5, 1864. Document William served for 15 days in the Civil War in Fayette County, Indiana. William served for a couple of weeks during the Civil War in Indiana and was mustered to on July 25, 1863. William Thomas Richard died of a bleeding ulcer on July 11, 1921. He was 81 years old and survived by his wife. He died in Auglaize Township, Camden County, Missouri. Document William’s father was James Ashbury Ricord.
3 Great Grandfather James Ashbury Ricord (1817-Unknown)

James Ashbury Ricord was born on October 16, 1817 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. Document James married Eleanor C. Heavern in Fayette, Indiana on 13 November, 1838. Document In 1856 James and Eleanor were residing in Cascade, Dubuque County, Iowa. Document James’ father was Samuel Ricord.

4 Great Grandfather Samuel Ricord (1783-1844)

Samuel Ricord married Lydia Conwell (1785-1875) in Seaford, Sussex, Delaware in 1805. Document Samuel served in the War of 1812. Document Samuel’s father was Thomas Ricord.

5 Great Grandfather Thomas Ricord (1759-1804)

Thomas Ricord married Elizabeth Darby (1761-1821) in 1782.
Luella Ricord and Joseph Francis Lee
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Photo of Luella Ricord with her second husband, Joseph Francis Lee. Luella lost her first husband sometime in 1884, as she was living with her parents in 1885, as a widow with an eight month old child, Edward C. Wright.
William Thomas Ricord and Sarah Jane Stevens
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Notice that the gravestone is spelled RICARD. This is an error on the part of the person who engraved the stone. However, according to my great grandfather and his daughter, the family name of Ricord was pronounced ‘Rickard’ by my Lee family. (As shared with me by my 2nd cousin Joan Lee, granddaughter of Luella Ricord Lee.)
References: Documents: Delaware Land Records 1677-1947 for Thomas Records of Sussex.

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