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The Pate Family Tree Genealogy

Pate Family Ancestor
Eleanor Ellen Pate

3rd Great Grandmother
The Donald Scott Lee Pate Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee 1945-
Marilyn Maxine Miller 1924-1996
Virgil Scott Miller 1888-1956
Great Grandfather
Lewis Miller 1856-1918
2nd Great Grandmother
Eliza Jane Clark 1811-1886
3rd Great Grandmother
Eleanor Ellen Pate 1793-1890
Pate Family Ancestor Genealogy
3rd Great Grandmother
Eleanor Ellen Pate 1793-1890
When Eleanor Ellen Pate was born on April 14, 1793, in Virginia, her father, Edward, was 27 and their mother, Mary Crawford was 21. Eleanor married William B. Clark (1796-1818) on April 11, 1811, in Breckinridge, Kentucky. They had three children during their short marriage, Mildred, Eliza and Mary.
Eleanor was married three times during her lifetime. First to William Clark, secondly Ephraim Comstock and lastly to Edward Hambleton (Hamilton). She died in September 1890 in Breckinridge at 97 years old.
4th Great Grandfather
Edward Pate 1766-1849
Edward Pate was born on February 25, 1766, the son of Mary ‘Polly’ Bender and Jeremiah Pate. Edward was born in Bedford, Virginia. He married Mary Crawford on April 6, 1789, in Botetourt, Virginia. They had two children during their marriage, John Crawford Pate (1791-1857) and Eleanor Ellen Pate. Edward served in the War of 1812 as a Private with the 4th Regiment of the Georgia Militia. Edward died in August of 1849, in Dyer, Breckinridge County, Kentucky.
5th Great Grandfather
Jeremiah Pate 1715-1803
When Jeremiah Pate was born on December 15, 1715, in Gloucester, Virginia, his father, Matthew, was 29 and his mother, Anne Reade, was 27.
Jeremiah’s mother, Anne, was a granddaughter of Colonel George Reade, who married the daughter of the Father of Yorktown, French Captain Nicholas Maritau, President George Washington’s 2nd Great Grandfather.
Jeremiah and Mary Polly Bender were married in about 1738, in Bedford, Virginia. Jeremiah had ten children as they are listed in his will.
Although there seems to be some disagreement among those in the genealogy world whether all of the children are from one wife, that being a Mary H. Bender, who some called Polly. Others list a second marriage to a Frances Ragland.
Nevertheless, Jeremiah and his wife were very busy in deed, raising their family and farming the land in Virginia. Jeremiah died on December 15, 1715 in Halifax, Halifax County, Virginia.
6th Great Grandfather
Matthew Pate 1686-1780
Matthew Pate was born on February 20, 1685, in Gloucester, Virginia, the son of Elizabeth Thomas and Thomas Pate. He married Anne Reade in 1709. They had two children during their marriage, Jacob Samuel (1710-1752) and Jeremiah (1715-1803). Matthew’s wife, Anne Reade, passed away on May 28, 1739, in Prince William, Virginia, at the age of 51. Matthew died on June 1, 1780, in Halifax, Virginia at the age of 95. At this time, a smallpox epidemic raged through Halifax, Virginia.
7th Great Grandfather
Colonel Thomas Pate c1650-1703
Thomas pate was born c.1650 in Leicestershire, England. He married Elizabeth Thomas. He died in Gloucester, Virginia, in 1702
Research ongoing.
Eleanor Ellen Pate 1793-1890
Eleanor’s husband, William Clark died when he was about 22 years old. Within a couple of months of his death Eleanor remarried to Ephraim Comstock on January 17, 1819. William Clark was a witness on a deed signed on September, 1818, between William Hardin Sr. (Ephraim’s grandfather) and Ephraim Comstock.
The Pate Family
The Pate family name had its beginning in the county of Leicester, ninety miles northwest of London, England.
Unlike other surnames that were adopted, like Smith for the workers of metals, the Pate family name meant ‘bald head’ in middle-English.
In mediaeval time they were feudal lords and brave soldiers. From the 15th to 17th centuries they became English barons.
As migration began to the New World, Richard Pate, the son of a former Lord Pate (and brother of Sir John Pate, Baron of Leicestershire, acquired 1,140 acres of land on the north side of the York River, in Gloucester County, Virginia, December 12, 1650.
In 1657, Richard represented Gloucester County in the House of Burgesses. Richard Pate died in 1657. His nephew, John Pate administered on his estate.
John Pate was a large land owner and a prominent man in the community. In addition to the land that he had inherited from his uncle and that which he had already acquired on his own, he was granted ten thousand five hundred more. He was appointed Justice of the Peace for Gloucester County in 1660. He was a member of the Council of Virginia when he died in 1672.
Upon John’s death, his father’s younger son, Colonel Thomas Pate was appointed administrator. It was at Thomas Pate’s home that the patriotic rebel leader, Nathaniel bacon died in October of 1676.
Major Thomas Pate was an English emigrant, the son of Sir John Pate, Baron of Leicestershire. Thomas is the father of all the Virginia Pates and their descendants.
Thomas’ wife was named Elizabeth. There are conflicting reports with regard to Elizabeth’s last name. Some say her last name was Early and others say Thomas. Nevertheless, one of their children, a son, Matthew, was baptized on February 20, 1686, according to the Abingdon Parish Register.
Breckinridge County, Kentucky
Mr. William Henry Perrin describes Breckinridge County, Kentucky and its history c.1887 at Kentucky Genealogy Trails.
Early Virginia Facts
Before the Revolution only ministers of the Established or State Church were allowed to preach in Virginia. Dissenters did so at their own risk of fines and imprisonment. Only those marriages performed by an ordained minister of the Church of England were considered legal.
Jeremiah Pate and Frances Ragland
Genealogy Trails on Ragland family of Halifax, VA.
“John Ragland had by his wife, Anne Beaufort, six sons and three daughters. The sons appear to have been James, Samuel, Pettus, John, Evans, and William. The three daughters married, one a Tinsley, one a Jones, and one a Bowe.”
Jeremiah Pate and Frances Ragland were married in 1755. U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900.
Colonel Thomas Pate Memorial
grave memorial for colonel thomas pate
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