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The North Family Tree Genealogy

North Family Ancestor
Arelia Wayne North (1805-1898) Media
4th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee North Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Donald’s mother was Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Marilyn’s mother was Jesse Jewel Heath (1905-1973)
Great Grandfather
Jesse’s father was John James Heath (1881-1920)
2nd Great Grandmother
3rd Great Grandmother
Cynthia ‘Arelia’s mother was Mary Elizabeth Cruzen (1829-1908)
4th Great Grandmother
Mary Elizabeth Cruzen’s mother was Arelia Wayne North (1805-1898)
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North Family Ancestor Genealogy
4 Great Grandmother
Arelia Wayne North (1805-1898) media
Aurelia was born in Mt. Jefferson, Jefferson County, Virginia on September 12, 1805.1 2  Her father served during the Revolutionary War under the banner of ‘Mad Anthony Wayne’ and his fidelity to his old commander is shown by the fact that he bestowed Wayne’s name on two of his daughters.
During the War of 1812, Arelia remembered seeing the smoke of the burning capitol and White House when the British vandals captured Washington in 1814.  On December 8, 1825, Arelia married Richard Richardson Cruzen. (read her biography in right column of this page) Arelia’s father was George North.
5 Great Grandfather
George North (1751-1814)
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George's forefathers for some two or three generations had resided in Chester County, Pennsylvania. They were originally from England. His mother was a Swedish lady, and had inherited from her ancestors a share in the old church in Philadelphia, founded by the colony of Swedes.
George was the youngest of eight brothers and the only on who ever moved south to Virginia, from Pennsylvania. He and his brothers all served in the Revolutionary War. It is said that all of the brothers fought at the Battle of Monmouth, in New Jersey.
George's older brother, Colonel Caleb North, who was a well known merchant in Philadelphia, was commander of the calvary which young George served with. George joined when quite young and served until the end of the war.
Old Colonel Caleb North had a particular fondness for his younger brother, George, so that when Caleb passed away he left to George a pair of pistols used by a progenitor of the Battle of the Boyne, in Ireland on July 1, 1690. Caleb also left George his sword. What became of them is unkown as they were used in the War of 1812. The sword had on its blade inscribed "Pennsylvania Light Dragoons. For God and My Country".
General William Darke, who was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, and Captain North, were devotedly attached to each other, and George was named in his last will and testament as one of his executors. The oldest son of Captain North has the name of William Darke, in honor of the general.
George was born in 1751, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. His father was Roger North and his mother was Ann Rambo. George had 12 brothers and sisters: Sopia, Sarah, Samuel, John, Elizabeth, William (or Wirdean), Roger, married Elizabeth Todd of Kentucky, Ann (Nancy), Caleb, Thomas, Joshua, and Hannah.
There is a tradition in the family that George's brother, Roger, piloted Lafayette across the Brandywine at the time the Marquis fought the British at that point.
George North married first Sarah Evans, daughter of William Evans, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, on January 12, 1787. William Evans was a prominent merchant of Philadelphia. George and his wife made their way to Virginia in about 1790.
Sarah Evans died September 23, 1793, in Jefferson County, Virginia. Captain North then married his second wife, Eliza Keyes, on October 30, 1794, at Halltown, Virginia. Eliza was twenty years old at the time.
George and Eliza had nine children: Mary Hall, b. 16 Aug 1795, Sarah Keyes, b. 4 May 1797, William Darke, b. 1 Apr 1799, Thomas Jefferson, b. 5 Jul 1801, Eliza Wayne, b. 30 Nov 1803, Arelia Wayne, b. 12 Sep 1805, Emily Eliza, b. 12 Mar 1808, Nathaniel Greene, b. 12 May 1810, George Caleb, b. 15 Jun 1815.
Captain George North was a member of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati, in the order in which they subscribed, in December of 1783. On a tablet in a building, erected by the Order of the Cincinnati, at Cincinnati, Ohio, are inscribed the names of George North and Caleb North, his older brother.
In the year 1809, Captain North served as sheriff of Jefferson County in Virginia. The captain died at his home in Fairfax County on December 30, 1814, at the age of 63. Captain North is buried in a field on the plantation where he died, near Barcroft's Mill, on the old Columbia Turnpike, in Fairfax County. The grave was never marked. Its location is known, but all traces of it are obliterated. It is also probable that his age at the time of his death in 1814, given by his son as 63 years, is not correct, as that would give 1751 as the year of his birth, whereas there is some evidence that he was born after 1753.
From WikiTree Profile Manager Scott Lee; George North-1787
6th Great Grandfather
Roger North
Roger North married Ms. Ann Rambo on October 13, 1733. They settled at the mouth of Mingo Creek, Providence Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. They had eight sons and five daughters. Roger wrote his will on August 27, 1784. The will is on record in Providence, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and can be read online at the Internet Archives.
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Arelia Wayne North (1805-1898)
4th Great Grandmother
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Arelia was born on September 12, 1805 at Mt. Jefferson, in Jefferson County, Virginia (now West Virginia). She was born to George North and Eliza Keyes.
Her father, Captain George North, had been married once before to a Sarah Evans on January 12, 1787, and had 4 children of which two died early, one at one year of age and the other died at childbirth along with the mother, Sarah, on September 23, 1793. Arelia had two half siblings named: Ann (or Nancy) Smith, b. 22 Nov 1788, Lydia Rambo, b. 24 May 1790.
The next year, on October 30, 1794, George married again, in Virginia, to Eliza Keyes, at Halltown, Virginia. Eliza was just 20 years old, being born November 20, 1774, at Keye's Ferry. Aurelia had the following siblings: Mary Hall, b. 16 Aug 1795, Sarah Keyes, b. 4 May 1797, William Darke, b. 1 Apr 1799, Thomas Jefferson, b. 5 Jul 1801, Eliza Wayne, b. 12 Sep 1805, Emily Eliza, b. 12 Mar 1808, Nathaniel Greene, b. 12 May 1810, George Caleb, b. 15 Jun 1815.
Arelia North Cruzen was "a conspicuous example of that dignified womanhood which ever elicits the admiration of the world...and a frequent remark of hers was that the Norths were as good as anybody"! She lived up to that belief, and impressed it upon the expanding minds of her children and grand-children, although she "was charitable, hospitable and amiable to all who were on terms of close intimacy with her".
Arelia passed away at the home of her daughter, Laura, at Marshall, Missouri, on May 5, 1898 at the age of 92 years, 8 months, and 20 days. Her husband Richard Richardson Cruzen, died at the age of 88 years, 5 months and 20 days, "both going far beyond the three score and ten years allotted mankind by the Psalmist".
It seems that she did not know that in her ancestry were the early Norths of the nobility of England, though such a belief was prevalent in the family. It was not until recent years that the genealogy of the Norths was traced back to Robert who lived in England about 1400.
From Wikitree profile # North-1353; profile manager Scott Lee.
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The Military Service of Lt. George North
Continental Army Wagonmaster
The services of George North in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the War of the Revolution were as follows: 1776 - Paymaster, 1st Pennsylvania Continental Line, 12 Oct 1776 - Ensign, commissioned with the 4th Battalion, under General Anthony Wayne; Captain Robinson's Company. Jan 1777 Rank of First Lieutenant with the 5th Pennsylvania Continental Line. June 1778 - Rank of Brigade Quartermaster, 2nd Brigade, Pennsylvania Line, 5th Pennsylvania, under Colonel Francis Johnson. May 1782 - Rank of Department Wagonmaster General to Southern Army. George retired on January 1, 1783
References:  1)  1860 U.S. Federal Census, Miami, Saline County, Missouri.  2)  Keyes, North and Cruzen Families, pg 43,by Millard Fillmore Stipes.

Page Background Image Credits: British Burning Washington 1816; This illustration is from the 1816 book, The History of England, from the Earliest Periods, Volume 1 by Paul M. Rapin de Thoyras. The source holder, of this book, is the U.S. Library of Congress. Image provided by Wikimedia Commons. Outreach Bibles
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