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The Miller Family Tree

Of Donald Scott Lee
Marilyn Maxine Miller
Mother of Donald Scott Lee
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Marilyn Maxine Miller was born in Long Beach, California, on December 1, 1924. Her father was Virgil Scott Miller and her mother was Jessie Jewel Heath. Marilyn married Wendell O. Lee on September 13, 1942. Document Marilyn passed away on July 31, 1996, in Fresno, California.
Virgil Scott Miller
(1888 ~ 1956)
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Marilyn Maxine Miller’s father. Donald Scott Lee’s maternal grandfather. Virgil’s grandfather on his mother’s side was also his great uncle on his father’s side.

Virgil’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Hendrick was the daughter of Luther Calvin Hendrick and Mary Ellen Miller. Mary Ellen Miller’s father was Michael Miller, the son of Christopher ‘Christley’ Miller and the brother of William ‘Billy the Cripple’ Mason Miller.
Miller Immigrant and Ancestor
Ernst Christian Miller
The Miller Family Immigrated from Palatinate, Germany
Ernst Christian Miller, our Miller immigrant, arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1753. Ernst was just 21 years old. He is listed in the U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s. Ernst’s date of birth is listed as 1732. Sourced
From the Rhenish (lower) Palatinate and nearby areas in southwestern Germany, down the Rhine in tiny scows they came.  First to Rotterdam, then across the English Channel to London and finally, in 1753, the long and treacherous voyage across the Atlantic in crowded sailing ships they made their way to the ‘New World’, the British colonies.
Landing in Philadelphia, on September 26, 1753 aboard the ship ‘Brothers’, our Mueller ancestors, Christopher and his brothers, Jacob and Friedrich, at last arrived in America.  There were large colonies of their German brethren already settled near the Quakers in Pennsylvania.
In time, they made their way to Virginia and then on to the Kentucky wilderness not long after Daniel Boone paved the trail.  The Millers became a well-established family in Breckinridge County of Kentucky. Some say that they arrived with General Breckinridge’s party to the new ‘untamed’ land.
The Millers were great farmers and owned extensive acreage along the Ohio River.  They fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. They experienced considerable contact with the local Indians.  These patriots were my Miller ancestors.
Miller Family Ancestors
Mother Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Marilyn Maxine Miller was born in Long Beach, California, on December 1, 1924.  Marilyn died on July 31, 1996 in Fresno, California while having surgery on her Carotid artery. She married 1 Wendell Orie Lee (1922-1999) in Bellflower, California on September 13, 1942. Marilyn’s father was Virgil Scott Miller.
Grandfather Virgil Scott Miller (1888-1956)
Virgil Scott Miller was born in Cloverport, Breckinridge, Kentucky on September 8, 1888.  Virgil died on October 21, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. He married3 Jessie Jewel Heath (1905-1973) in Long Beach, California in 1924 Documents. Virgil’s father was Lewis Miller.
Great Grandfather Lewis Miller (1845-1918)
Lewis Miller was born in Cloverport, Breckinridge County, Kentucky. He died on August 16, 1918, in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.  Lewis married Elizabeth Ann Hendrick (1854-1941) in Cloverport, Kentucky on April 10, 1872. Lewis’ father was William ‘Billy the Cripple’ Miller.
2 Great Grandfather William ‘Billy the Cripple’ Miller (1812-1884)
William ‘Billy the Cripple’ Miller was born August 8, 1812 in Breckinridge, Kentucky. Billy died on June 26, 1884 in Hardinsburg, Breckinridge County, Kentucky. He married 4 Eliza Jane Clark (1813-1886) in Breckinridge County, Kentucky on February 20, 1831/2 in Breckinridge, Kentucky. Eliza was the daughter of William B. Clark and Eleanor Pate.  Billy served in the U.S. Civil War as a Private in the 14th Regiment, Company D and A of the Kentucky Union Infantry. 5  Billy is buried in the Old New Bethel Cemetery, in Hardinsburg, Kentucky 6. William’s father was Christley Miller.
3 Great Grandfather Christopher ‘Christley’ Miller (1768-1815)
Christopher ‘Christley’ Miller was born in Josephtown, Pennsylvania.  He died in 1815, in New Bethel, Breckinridge, Kentucky, and is buried in Hardinsburg, Kentucky. 7  Christley served as a Private with the Regiment Of Foot of the Continental Troops in 1778. 8 He also served as a Scout and Spy in the Post-Revolutionary War Volunteer Soldiers in 1790. 9 Christopher was a Captain in the War of 1812, commanding a company of mounted scouts and spies under Major DuBois. Christley married Sarah Jane ‘Jennie’ Short (1770-1864) in Willow Sprout, Virginia in 1792.  Christley and Sarah had at least 10 children if not more. William ‘Billy’ Mason was the youngest and was crippled at an early age. The other children were Barnett (1793-1859), Mary (1794), John W. (1795-1872), Mary ‘Polly’ 1797-1832), Michael (1799-1880), Henry E. (1801-1881), Nancy (1804-1881), Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ (1807), Elizabeth (1808). Christley’s father was Ernest Christian Miller.
4 Great Grandfather Ernest Christian Miller (1732-1798)
Earnest Christian Miller immigrated from Germany. Ernest brought his family from Tazwell County, Virginia, to the Falls of the Ohio in 1779, and settled at Wilson’s Creek in 1782. He later settled in Elizabethtown.  Ernest arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1753, at the age of 21. 10 Ernest came to America aboard the ship ‘Edinburgh’ and his signature is on the ship’s manifest list, dated October 2, 1753.10  Ernest married Margaretta Linderman (1740-1799). Together they had six sons, Samuel, Jacob, Henry, Adam, Christley, and John. Ernest died on October, 25, 1798.
William ‘Billy the Cripple’ Miller 1812-1884
2nd Great Grandfather
Billy grew up in Cloverport, Kentucky with his mother, his siblings and his step-father, Jacob Weatherholt (1760-1837). He was born the same year that his father Captain Christopher died, most likely due to the war. His mother, Jennie, raised the children on her own for four years before she re-married. Billy was a crippled child but grew up to marry the daughter of William B. Clark and Eleanor Pate, Eliza Clark. He went on to serve in the Civil War as part of the Kentucky Union Infantry. After the war Billy was a farmer. Billy and and Eliza had eleven children, four of which died very young: William Mason (1833-1893), Thomas Alexander (1834-1910), John N. (1836-1907), Mildred Jane (1840-1920), Christopher (1843-1845), Franklin (1844-1846), William Lewis (1845-1918), Mary E. (1847-1848), Sarah E. (1849-1853), Susan B. (1852-1922) and Jefferson Davis (1855-1933.
Cloverport, Kentucky
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Photo taken by D.Scott Lee 2015
The Miller families were long time residents of this northern Kentucky town along the Ohio River. They were among the first settlers, German, and good farmers. To this day, parts of the Miller family are still living here.
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William Lewis Miller
Virgil’s First Cousin
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Warfield Miller
Warfield was Virgil’s older brother. Kathryn Fenn was Warfield’s wife. From the left: Kathryn Fenn Miller, Warfield Miller, Virgil Scott Miller. Photo c. early 50’s, taken in Hutchinson, Kansas.
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Donald Scott Lee
Donald Scott Lee with his mother, Marilyn Maxine Miller, Virgil’s daughter and grandson. Photo taken in Reseda, California, in 1962.
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Lewis Miller Gravestone
Virgil Scott Miller’s father was Lewis Miller 1845-1918. Lewis is buried near his son Virgil in the Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson, Kansas. Photo by D. Scott Lee, July 2015.
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Virgil Miller and Jessie Heath
Marriage Certificate dated 28 January 1924,
Santa Ana, California.
marriage license certificate for Virgil Scott Miller and Jessie Jewell Heath 1924
Matilda Ellen Ball Miller
Last Will and Testament July 28, 1892
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Captain Christopher ‘Christley’ Miller
3rd Great Grandfather
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Reference: American Wars Roll of Field and Staff, Kentucky Battalion Mounted Spies - War of 1812, Commanded by Major Touisant Dubois.
Micheal Miller (1799-1880)
2nd Great Grandfather
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When Michael Miller was born on March 9, 1799, in Breckinridge, Kentucky, his father, Christopher, was 31 and his mother, Sarah, was 29. He married Nancy Clark and they had two children together. He then married Matilda Ellen Ball and they had one daughter together named Mary Ellen Miller. He also had two sons and a daughter from another relationship. He died on October 20, 1880, in his hometown, having lived a long life of 81 years.
The William Lewis Miller Family Photo
William Lewis Miller Family - William and Nancy (Nannie Jordan) with their children. The oldest boy is most likely Everett Nelson Miller (1879-1963).
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1931 Miller Family Reunion Photo
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Many Millers. Virgil Scott Miller with hat holding Phyllis Miller. Jessie Heath Miller holding purse with daughter Marilyn Miller in front. Other related family members.
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Page Header Image Credits: The Battle of Spottsylvania 1887 by Thur de Thulstrup (1848-1930) Swedish-born leading American illustrator who worked for Harper’s Weekly. thulstrup primarily illustrated historical military scenes. Wikipedia. Image courtesy of Howcheng at Wikimedia Commons. Outreach Bibles
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