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The Bersheba Lewis Family Tree Genealogy

Bersheba Lewis (1746-1830)
5th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Bersheba Lewis Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee  (1945)
Donald Scott Lee’s father was Wendell Orie Lee  (1922-1999)
Wendell’s father was Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandfather
Orie’s father was Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933)
2nd Great Grandfather
Joseph’s father was Charles Henry Lee (1837-1905
3rd Great Grandmother
Charles’ mother was Betsy Ann Benson (1814-1889)
4th Great Grandfather
Betsy’s father was Benjamin Benson(1773-1846)
5th Great Grandmother
Benjamin’s mother was Bersheba Lewis (1746-1830)
Bersheba Lewis Family Ancestor Genealogy
5th Great Grandmother
Bersheba Lewis (1746-1830)
Bersheba was born in Charlotte Precinct of the Beekman Patent in Duchess County, New York in 1746 to John Lewis and Bathsheba Fuller (1697-1780). Bersheba married Stutson Benson (1741-1820) a Revolutionary  War soldier on December 15, 1760 in Dutchess County. At the time of their marriage, Stutson did not know how to read or write but learned quickly from Bersheba.  Their daughter Elizabeth was born in 1861 while living in Waloomsac, Renssalaer, New York near the site of the Bennington Battlefield. Bersheba and Stutson’s son, Stutson Benson II was captured during this battle and taken prisoner by the Indians while fetching water for the patriot troops and sent to Montreal, but later released due to his age. Bersheba outlived her husband by ten years and died on July 18, 1830. Stutson died on March 1, 1820.  Bersheba’s father was John Lewis.1
6th Great Grandfather
John Lewis (1694-1777)
John Lewis was born in Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut on June 3, 1694.  He was baptized on October 14, 1694.2 In 1733 John married Bathsheba Fuller (1697-1780) in Walloomsac, Duchess County, New York.  John’s mother was Mary Meekins (1670-1694). John’s father was James Lewis (1667-1727).2  
7th Great Grandfather
James Lewis (1667-1727)
James Lewis was born in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut on July 10, 1667 to Captain William A. Lewis and Mary A. Hopkins.3  James married Mary Meekins in Connecticut in 1694.4  At one time, James lived at Jamaica, Long Island, New York.5 
8th Great Grandfather
Captain William A. Lewis III (1620-1690)
Captain William Lewis was born in Cardiff, Llandough, Glamorgan, Wales.  He emigrated to America with his parents and young sister in 1632 on the ship ‘Lyon’ to Cambridge, Massachusetts when he was about 12 years old.6  On August 19, 1644 he married his wife Mary A. Hopkins (1623-1671) in Farmington, Connecticut.7  HIs mother was Felix Collins (1596-1671) who was also born in Cardiff, Wales.  She died in Hadley, Massachusetts. William died in on August 18, 1690 at the age of 69 and is buried in Farmington, Connecticut.8  Captain William’s father was William Lewis of Wales.
9th Great Grandfather
William Lewis II (1594-1683)
William Lewis II was born on January 3, 1594 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.9  William married Felix (Felicia Collins) Collins of Cardiff on February 7, 1618. 
10th Great Grandfather
William Lewis I (1561-1592)
William Lewis I was born on April4, 1561 in Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales.1  He married Sarah Cathcart in 1592.2  William’s parents were Edward Lewis and Margaret Jones.3  William died in Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales on August 3, 1592.
11th Great Grandfather
Edward Lewis (1535-?)
Edward Lewis married Margaret Jones on August 8, 1550.  Edward and Margaret were both from Cardiff, Wales.  He was ‘head warden’ in 1574, and Capital Burgess in 1577.4
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William Lewis of Wales (1594)
9th Great Grandfather
William Lewis II, was born Jan 3, 1594 in Landough, Wales. He was the son of William Lewis I who was born April 4, 1561 in Pennarth, Wales. William Lewis (born 1594) married Falicia Collins of Cardiff, Wales on Feb 7, 1618. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis moved to England with their only child named William (born Aug 19, 1620). The Lewis family was living in Stanstred and later in Braintree, both in Essex County England.
William Lewis sailed from England June 27, 1632 in the ship "Lion" which was piloted by a Captain Mason. They landed at the mouth of the Charles River (now Boston Massachusetts) on Sept 16, 1632. In the "History of Cambridge" William was a member of the Braintree Company. In 1636 he joined Reverend Thomas Hooker's company from Hartford, England and became co-founder of Hartford, Connecticut. He was juryman and selectman in 1641. The name of William Lewis appears on the founders' monument.
William Lewis was at Farmington Connecticut in 1644. In 1659 he and his son William (born Aug 19, 1620) and others (59 in all) signed an agreement to settle Hadley, Massachusetts. William Sr. and 39 others went. His son William continued to live at Farmington but shared in the division of land at Hadley. Felicia (Collyns) Lewis died in Hadley, Massachusetts April 17, 1671.
After the death of wife Felicia, William returned to Farmington and lived at the home of his son William (statement of James Steele in volume 4 digest of early Connecticut probate records). William Lewis (born Jan 3, 1594) died in Connecticut on Oct 2, 1683.
Provided courtesy of Familysearch; posted by William Meek, 4 Sep 2015,
Cardiff Castle Banqueting Hall
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Page Header Image Credits: Llyn-y-Ddinas North Wales (1873) by Sidney Richard Percy (1821-1886). Image courtesy of FA2010 at Wikimedia Commons.
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