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The Lambert Family Tree Genealogy

Lambert Family Ancestor
Mary Francis Lambert (1704-1731)
6th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Lambert Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Donald’s mother was Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Marilyn’s mother was Jesse Jewel Heath (1905-1973)
Great Grandfather
Jesse’s father was John James Heath (1881-1920)
2nd Great Grandfather
John’s father was Theophilus Berrian Heath (1846-1926)
3rd Great Grandfather
Theophilus’ father was Rigdon Heath (1791-1864t.
4th Great Grandfather
Rigdon’s father was Rigdon Heath (1767-1799)
5th Great Grandfather
Rigdon’s father was William Heath (1727-1782)
6th Great Grandfather
William’s mother was Mary Frances Lambert (1704-1731)
Lambert Ancestor Family Genealogy
6th Great Grandmother
Mary Francis Lambert (1704-After 1740)
Mary Francis married John Heath (1692-1771) in Middlesex, Virginia about 1724. Mary’s father was William Lambert.
7th Great Grandfather
William Lambert (1669-1715)
William married Frances Anne Bradshaw (1660-1742) in Northumberland, Virginia in 1686.2 William’s father was John Lambert.
8th Great Grandfather
John Lambert (About 1641-1724)
John was born in Clefts, Calvert, Maryland. John married Eleanor Neville (1642-1697) daughter of John Neville, tobacco merchant and immigrant from Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England. John was living in the town of Freeman in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. John’s mother was Sarah Lucas. John’s father was John Lambert Sr.
John Lambert - Maryland and Virginia Tobacco Planter
During this time Virginia had adopted the cultivation and export of tobacco. Most of the early farmers during this time grew tobacco as a cash crop. Contracts and land dealings were traded in tobacco, as we can see in the many documents of the day. J. J. Lambert is noted on the old map below. In time, plantation owners were using slaves to produce the tobacco.
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Lambert Research
The Lambert Family History by My Family History - This Lambert line begins in 1668 with Matthias (Lambard) Lambert, who was born in Pfalz, Bayern, Germany about 1668. He was a farmer and land owner in Manchester Township, York County, PA. He was a Palatinate.

The article goes on to say that in 1683 a group of German emigrants from the Palatinate founded the first permanent German settlement in North America at Germantown, Pennsylvania. This started a mass emigration into Pennsylvania.

Matthias arrived on the ship ‘Sally’ from Rotterdam, via Cowes, England, and on to Philadelphia. A connection has yet to be made to the Lambert family on this website. For more information and genealogy on the Matthias Lambert family visit the website.
The Colonial Settlers of Maryland and Virginia

This Lambert family tree on the Colonial Settlers website is slightly different then the Lambert tree on this website. It begins with John Lambert who was born before 1640 and died in Charles County, Maryland. John married Eleanor Neville about 1662. Four children are listed as 1)John, Eleanor, William who was born in 1669/70 and died after 1724 (Ref. Charles County Maryland Probate). William’s mother, Eleanor, died in 1672 at the age of 30. William’s father remarried soon afterwards to Sarah Barker; they had one child named Thomas, born inn 1683. It seems that William’s mother, Eleanor, died due to post delivery infection or during childbirth of Samuel. The William Lambert of Charles County, Maryland, in this tree, married a Mary Clarke before 1698 who was born before 1682 in Charles County, but died at the age of 19. Attached to this page is the Marriage Record of William Lambert and Anne Bradshaw before 1707.

William Lambert, the son of John and Eleanor, married at least twice, once to Mary Clarke, with one son, John, and secondly to Anne Bradshaw
J.J. Lambert Farm
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References: John Neville listed in 1637, Freeman, Maryland Early Census Index. 1) Early Colonia Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia’s Northern Neck Counties. Colonial Settlers of Maryland and Virginia. 2) Lambert, William and Bradshaw, Anne, married before 16 Dec 1707; bride was a daughter of Robert Bradshaw, who was dead by 16 Dec 1707; Virginia, Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1649-1800.

Page Background Image Credits: Shenandoah Valley by William Louis Sonntag (1822-1900) was an American landscape painter from Pennsylvania. Image courtesy of MarmadukePercy at Wikimedia Commons.
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