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The Hopkins Family Tree Genealogy

Hopkins Family Ancestor
Ella Maude Hopkins (1884-1976)
Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Hopkins Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Donald’s mother was Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Marilyn’s mother was Jesse Jewel Heath (1905-1973)
Great Grandmother
Jesse’s mother was Ella Maude Hopkins (1884-1976)
Hopkins Family Ancestors and Genealogy
Great Grandmother
Ella Maude Hopkins (1884-1976)
Ella Maude married John James Heath (1881-1920) in Montrose, Henry County, Missouri in 1902.  Ella’s father was George Washington Hopkins II.
2nd Great Grandfather
George Washington Hopkins II
George Washington Hopkins II married Mary Elizabeth Royse (1856-1890) in 1870. George’s father was Robert Looney Hopkins.
3rd Great Grandfather
Robert Looney Hopkins (1823-1900)
Robert Looney Hopkins married Elizabeth Hinkel (1831-1916) in Cumberland, Kentucky in 1849.  Robert’s father was George Washington Hopkins.
4th Great Grandfather
George Washington Hopkins (1799-1868)
George married Sarah Elizabeth Looney (1803-1865) in Cumberland (now called Clinton) County, Kentucky in 1822. George’s father was Elijah Hopkins.
5th Great Grandfather
Elijah Hopkins (1774-1838)
Elijah married Mary ‘Molly’ Lyon (1777-1853) in Georgia in 1796.  Elijah’s father was Dennis Hopkins Jr.
6th Great Grandfather
Dennis Hopkins (1730-1795)
Dennis Hopkins married Bathsheba Allred (1730-Unknown) in Orange, North Carolina in 1758.  Dennis’ father was John Hopkins.
7th Great Grandfather
John Hopkins (1698-1770)
John Hopkins married Judith Boshun (1700-Unknown) in Talbot, Maryland in 1728.  John’s father was Dennis Hopkins.
8th Great Grandfather
Dennis Hopkins II
Dennis Hopkins II married (unknown). Dennis’ father was Dennis Hopkins Sr.
9th Great Grandfather
Dennis Hopkins Sr. (1643-1772)
Dennis Hopkins Sr. married Grace Brooke (1647-1685). He emigrated to Maryland in 1663 from Wales.  Dennis’ father was Richard Hopkins.
10th Great Grandfather
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins was from Wales, Great Britain.
George Washington Hopkins II and His Daughters
Pictured below is George Washington Hopkins II with his three daughters. Laura, Ella Maude, and Pearl. Pearl’s third husband, Robert Crawford Heath, was the twin brother of Ella Maude’s husband, John James Heath. George Washington Hopkins II’s son William, not pictured here, married Robert Crawford and John James’s sister Laura Lou Heath.
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George Washington Hopkins II Death Certificate
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The Daughters of Mary Royse and George Hopkins
Laura, Pearl and Ella Maude Hopkins
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Hopkins Point, Maryland

On August 25, 1659, 800 acres was surveyed for Robert Hopkins. Robert and his brother Thomas jointly patented Hopkins Point (Talbot County Land Records 12:222; Barnes and Wright, p. 215). When Robert died he named his brother Thomas as his executor; Thomas deeded his brother Dennis Hopkins 326 acres of Hopkins Point that he and his brother patented. This succession of documents provides the proof that Robert, Thomas and Dennis were brothers. Thomas and Robert arrived together in 1652. Thomas was transported to America in 1663. Side-lights on Maryland History With Sketches of Early Maryland Families
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Ella Maude Hopkins 1884-1976
Great Grandmother
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William Robert Hopkins Family
Note:  George Washington Hopkins II and Mary Elizabeth Royse also had two sons, William Robert Hopkins and James M. Hopkins.  Here we have a family photo of William Robert’s family. William married Laura Lou Heath.  William’s sister, Ella Maude married Laura Lou’s brother, John James Heath.
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William Robert Hopkins, Maudie Hopkins, Laura Lou Heath Hopkins and infant Bessie Hopkins. William is a 2nd Great Uncle and Laura Lou is a 2nd Great Aunt from their own family lines.
George Washington Hopkins
4th Great Grandfather
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Robert Looney Hopkins
3rd Great Grandfather
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Elijah Hopkins 1774-1838
5th Great Grandfather
Born in Guilford, North Carolina, Elijah Hopkins made his way to Clinton County, Kentucky. Elijah was the first deacon of the Seventy-Six Baptist Church.
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Page Header Image Credits: ‘Fur Traders on the Missouri’ c.1845 Oil on Canvas by George Caleb Bingham (1811-1879) Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
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