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The Holcombe Family Tree Genealogy

Holcombe Family Ancestor
7th Great Grandmother
Sarah Holcombe (1691-1787)
Donald Scott Lee Holcombe Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee  (1945)
Father - Donald Scott Lee’s father was Wendell Orie Lee (1922-1999)
Grandfather - Wendell’s father was Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandfather - Orie’s father was Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933)
2 Great Grandfather - Joseph’s father was Charles Henry Lee (1837-1905)
3 Great Grandmother - Charles’ mother was Betsy Ann Benson, (1814-1889)
4 Great Grandmother - Betsy’s mother was Keziah Barber Messenger (1780-1857)
5 Great Grandmother - Keziah’s mother was Jemima Barber (1741-1781)
6 Great Grandfather - Jemima’s father was Johnathan Barber (1717-1745)
7 Great Grandmother - Johnathan’s mother was Sarah Holcombe (1691-1787)
Holcombe Family Ancestors and Genealogy
7th Great Grandmother
Sarah Holcombe
Sarah Holcombe was born in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut in 1691. Sarah’s parents were Nathaniel Holcombe and Mary Bliss.1 Sarah married Samuel Barber, son of Lt. Thomas Barber and Mary Phelps on December 17, 1712 in Simsbury.2
8th Great Grandfather
Nathaniel Holcombe (1648-1740)
Nathaniel Holcombe was born in Poquerock, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. He was the 8th child and 3rd son of Thomas Holcombe, the immigrant who was born in Devon, England. Nathaniel married Mary Bliss (1651-1722), daughter of Nathaniel Elis and Catharine Chapin first in 1670.  They had 11 children, and Sarah was their 10th. Nathaniel's second wife was Sarah Owen, married on January 17, 1722 at Simsbury, Connecticut. Nathaniel and Sarah Owen did not have any children.  Nathaniel Holcombe was elected town constable in Simsbury in December, 1681.3 
9 Great Grandfather
Thomas Holcombe (1609-1657)
Thomas Holcombe arrived in Dorchester, Massachusetts in about 1630. He was said to have arrived on Mary and John, however this cannot be proven.  However, it is widely accepted, since Thomas was part of the group that founded the town of Dorchester. Five years later the same group founded the town of Windsor, Connecticut.  They were all ambitious pilgrims that made significant accomplishments during the 17th century.
Thomas’ parents were Ann Courtenay (1573-1642) and Gilbert Holcombe of Devonshire, England.4 Thomas married Elizabeth Eno, a widow. Thomas was the father of Elizabeth (Holcombe) Ellsworth, Mary (Holcomb) Griswold, Abigail (Holcomb) Bissell, Joshua Holcomb, Sarah Holcomb, Benajah Holcomb, Deborah Holcomb, Nathaniel Holcombe, Deborah (Holcombe) Birge and Johnathan Holcombe. Thomas died on September 7, 1657 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut.
Deacon Judah Holcomb
1st Cousin 8x Removed
gravestone of judah holcomb
Image courtesy of D.Scott Lee July 2015
Judah served as Justice of the Peace and Deputy of the Connecticut General Assembly and as such he is considered a Patriot by the DAR. His marker in the Granby Center Cemetery section 0-107 reads as follows: Memoriae Sacrum Judah Holcomb Esa. Died January 5th AD 1802 Aged 97 years Death is a debt to Nature due which I have paid & So must you. McCracken notes that Bailey says he married at Granby, 30 June 1774, Anna Hubbard; McCracken however, seems to accept Prudence Goodrich. His obituary published in the Courant on 25 Januray 1802 reads: ". . For many years sustained the office of Deacon in the Church, and Justice of the Peace. His surviving descendants are 9 children, 57 grandchildren, 129 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild." Judah is the Patriot for DAR members 286754, 212606, 290243, and 704276.
Information above courtesy of Melinda Bowman at WikiTree
Judah Holcomb and Scott Lee
Relationship Chart
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Granby Cemetery
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Image courtesy of D. Scott Lee, Granby, Connecticut July 2015.
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Thomas Holcombe
“Although Thomas Holcomb and most of his descendants usually spell the name ‘Holcomb’, it bears an ‘e’ on Dorchester and Boston records.”  
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From ‘Descendants of The Founders of Ancient Windsor Through Five Generations. Family of Thomas Holcombe, compiled by James Hallowell Holcombe Jr. 2006,
The First Church of Windsor
Windsor, Connecticut
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Image courtesy of D. Scott Lee, July 2015
The First Church in Windsor, Connecticut is the oldest Congregational church in Connecticut. Its origin can be traced back to 1630, when 140 men and women sailed out of Plymouth, England on the Mary & John. This was the first of 17 ships in the so-called Winthrop Fleet, bound for the Massachusetts Bay Colony. When they heard from the Indians about the fertile land along the Connecticut River in what is now called the Connecticut River Valley, a small contingent of settlers travelled southwest and established the first settlement in Connecticut at Windsor in 1633. Word soon spread that Windsor was a good place in which to settle: in 1635, the congregation of the First Church departed from their homes in Dorchester, Massachusetts to relocate to Connecticut. Copied from Wikipedia Read More Here
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Captain Noadiah Holcomb
2nd Cousin 7x Removed
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Image courtesy of D.Scott Lee July 2015
Noadiah Holcomb and Scott Lee
Relationship Chart
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Noadiah Norman Holcombe was born to a Puritan family living in the town of Simsbury, in Hartford County, Connecticut on October 4, 1749. Noadiah's ancestors, on both sides, were the founders of Simsbury.  Just that fact alone, would tell us that he enjoyed some type of status, even among the Puritans.Noadiah's parents were Peter Holcomb and Margaret Case. The Case family was among the first Puritan settlers, who were led by the Puritan leader, Reverend Thomas Hooker, who led his followers out of Massachusetts to Colony of Connecticut. Noadiah's great great grandfather, Thomas Holcomb, was an original settler who came to Windsor in 1935. Noadiah's mother, Margaret Case, died shortly after she gave birth to Noadiah. Noadiah's father, Lieutenant Peter Holcombe, remarried soon after to Tryphena Case, a cousin of Margaret's. So, Tryphena Case is the mother that Noadiah knew throughout his life.Captain Noadiah Holcomb married Affiah Buttolph, on May 28th, 1778, in Granby. In 1800, Noadiah lived in Granby, Hartford, Connecticut. Noadiah Holcomb served as a Captain in the Revolutionary War. Noadiah served with the 9th Massachusetts Regiment.[6] Upon his death, his wife, Affiah, married Daniel Fairchild. Noadiah Holcomb died on 24 Mar 1809, in Granby, Connecticut.
Chauncy Holcomb
3rd Cousin 6xR
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Gravestone of Alma Wells. Photo courtesy of D. Scott Lee, July 2015
Chauncy was born August 12, 1798 in Granby, Hartford County, Connecticut. Chauncey had three wives. He married first Samantha Goddard, the daughter of Titus Goddard and Samantha Adams.
Chauncy’s third wife was Alma Wells, the daughter of Ralph Wells. Chauncy married Alma on May 8, 1849 in Granby, Connecticut. Alma was born on June 2, 1806 and died April 12, 1885.
Chauncy’s second wife was Polly Holcombe, daughter of Hull Holcombe and Lorinda Buell. Chauncy and Polly were married on March 8, 1843.
Headstone Inscriptions
Granby Cemetery
Chauncy Family
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Copied by Edward D. McCue; image courtesy of
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Page Background Image Credits: ‘The Oxbow’ 1836 by Thomas Cole (1801-1848). A View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm. Image courtesy of Paris 16 at Wikimedia Commons.
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