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The Hibbard Family Tree Genealogy
Hibbard Family Ancestor
Jennie Mary Hibbard
Great Grandmother
The Donald Scott Lee
Hibbard Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (b. 1945)
Wendell Orie Lee (1922-1999)
Alberta Lewis (1898-1963)
Great Grandmother
Jennie Mary Hibbard (1869-1949)
Hibbard Family Ancestors and Genealogy
Great Grandmother
Jennie Mary Hibbard
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Photo from D. Scott Lee Family Album
Jennie Mary Hibbard was born on August 22, 1869, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, to Almena C Chase, age 25, and John Henry Hibbard, age 27.
She married Melvin A Lewis in 1890 in Carbondale, Kansas. They had four children during their marriage. 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Carbondale, Kansas.
Jennie and Melvin’s children were Warren Ray, Vera, Melvin Alva, and Alberta Lee.
Jennie Hibbard died on August 3, 1949, in Downey, Los Angeles County, California, at the age of 79. She was buried in Colton, California.
2 Great Grandfather
John Henry Hibbard
John Henry Hibbard and his second wife Angelina L. Hibbard’s Gravstone.
john henry and angelina hibbard gravestone
Image courtesy of Barbara LeClaire
John Henry Hibbard was born on January 22, 1842, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. John’s father, John Sr., was 27 and his mother, Lucy Pierce, was 23. John Henry married Almena C. Chase and they had five children together. He then married Angeline L. Pierce, in 1878 after Almena died, and they had five children together. He died on March 24, 1923, at the age of 83, and was buried at Hermosa Gardens Cemetery in Colton, San Bernardino, California.
John’s Siblings
John’s sister Lois Olive was born on August 2, 1846, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, when John was 4 years old. John’s brother William Marion was born on March 5, 1848, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, when John Henry was 6 years old. Document John’s sister Emma Lydia was born on February 18, 1850, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, when John Henry was 8 years old. John Henry Hibbard lived in Hayfield, Pennsylvania, in 1850.
John Henry’s Children
John Henry was married twice. His first wife was Almena C. (Charlotte?) Chase. Almena passed away in 1878. Their children were:
1. Sheldon William Hibbard
1864-1908 Gravestone
Sheldon William died in Los Angeles, California and is buried in the Los Angeles Odd Fellows Cemetery. Find A Grave
2. Charlotte Effie Hibbard
1867-1958 Gravestone
Charlotte, who was called ‘Lottie’ was born on May 1, 1867, in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Lottie was married twice. Her first marriage, on July 3, 1890, when she was 23 years old, was to Lincoln E. Porter. The couple was married in Osage, Kansas. Marriage Certificate In the 1900 Census Lottie is living in Corning, California, listed as ‘widowed’, with three children, all Porters. Lottie married Carl August Heijne. In the 1910 Census, Lottie is listed as Lottie E. Heijne, a dress maker by trade, listed as ‘widowed’, with 5 children, three of them Porters and two of them Heijnes. So, Lottie lost both of her husbands or perhaps she divorced the second one, as she is listed in the 1920 Census as divorced. Lottie passed away in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California and is buried in the Stockton Rural Cemetery. Her husband, Carl, preceded her in death. Lottie was 91 years old. Death Certificate Find A Grave.
3. Jennie Mary Hibbard
(See Jennie Mary Hibbard above)
4. Lawrence Crawford Hibbard
Lawrence Crawford was the fourth child of John Henry Hibbard and Almena C. Chase. He was born on October 29, 1871, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Lawrence married Eva S. about 1899. Lawrence was a carpenter like his father, John Henry. Lawrence Crawford died in Los Angles on July 5, 1956.
5. Frank Floyd Hibbard
Frank Floyd Hibbard patented the ‘Roof Framing Scale’ on March 23, 1926.
roof framing scale
Frank Floyd was born in January, 1873, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He married Myrta or Myrtle in 1896. He was a carpenter like his father, John Henry. IN 1910 he was a contractor living in Rialto, San Bernardino, California.
3 Great Grandfather
John K. Hibbard
When John K. Hibbard Media was born on January 23, 1814, in USA, his father, Henry, was 23 and his mother, Margaret, was 20.
John K. Hibbard married Lucy Pierce Media on December 6, 1835, in Pennsylvania when he was 21 years old. They had 11 children in 22 years. He died on July 18, 1868, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, at the age of 54.
John K. Hibbard’s Siblings
Electra, John’s sister, was born on July 31, 1815, in Towanda, Pennsylvania, when John K. was 1 year old.
Orrison, John’s brother, was born on March 27, 1817, in Standing Stone, Pennsylvania, when John K. was 3 years old.
Celinda, John’s sister, was born in 1820 in Standing Stone, Pennsylvania, when John K. was 6 years old.
Margaret, John’s sister, was born on September 13, 1825, in Somerset, Pennsylvania, when John K. was 11 years old.
John K. Hibbard’s mother, Margaret P. Westbrook, passed away in 1854 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, at the age of 61. John died on July 18, 1868, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, when he was 54 years old. He is buried at the  Greendale Cemetery in Meadville, PA.
John K. and Lucy’s Children
Sarah Anna was born on August 8, 1837, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Harriett Eliza was born on August 20, 1839, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
John Henry was born on January 22, 1842, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Martin James was born on September 15, 1843, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Lois Olive was born on August 2, 1846, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
William Marion was born on March 5, 1848, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Emma Lydia was born on February 18, 1850, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Mary Jane was born on February 15, 1853, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Mary Jane was born on February 15, 1853, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Edna Marilla was born on July 1, 1855, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Floyd Augustus was born on March 29, 1859, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Homer Cyrus was born on July 17, 1860, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
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The Hibbard Family
John Hibbard is on the 1850 census in Crawford Co., Hayfield township, film #771 page 472 Sutro Library. John Hibbard on 1860 census in Crawford Co., film #M653 box #1099, Sutro Library. On this film in this household was William Ash, a United Brethern Minister born in Ohio. Age 23 years old.
According to Mytle Hibbard Dunn, Frank F. Hibbard's youngest daughter, the Hibbard's came from Holland to England because of their religion and came to the U. S. before the 13 colonies were formed. There was a colony of them in Meadville, Crawford, PA. John Henry & Martin James were the only one's to leave Pennsylvania.
John K. Hibbard could of been from Rutland City, Vermont other relatives were born there.
Posted at Ancestry July 19, 2012
John K. Hibbard
3rd Great Grandfather
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Lucy Pierce
John K. Hibbard’s wife, Lucy Pierce Hibbard was born in Vermont. Obituary Lucy survived her husband by 35 years and brought up their 11 children in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She died at the age of 86 years.
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Image courtesy of richbarb327 at
Drake Oil Well
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Image taken by D. Scott Lee 2015
In Venango County, a mile and a half south of Titusville, and along Oil Creek, lies Drake Well Memorial Park, which commemorates the drilling of the world’s first successful oil well in 1859 and the beginning of the modern petroleum industry. For over two centuries before Colonel Edwin L. Drake drilled his famous well, petroleum was known to exist in the United States.
Prior to 1845, the greatest source of petroleum in Pennsylvania, as well as in the United States, was along Oil Creek. As white settlers moved into the region and settled along this creek, they began to skim petroleum from little springs either in the bank or in the actual bed of the stream. Sometimes, this was done by floating a woolen or flannel cloth or a blanket on the water, wringing the cloth out when it was saturated with petroleum. They valued and used the oil exclusively as medicine.
On November 10, 1854, part of the Hibbard farm was purchased for $5,000. This was the Hibbard farm of Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
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Henry J. Hibbard
4th Great Grandfather
Henry Jedidiah Hibbard Gravestone
Henry Jedidiah Hibbard Gravestone
Image courtesy of qtzlady at
Henry was married four times. Louisa was his 4th wife. They were married after 1854. Henry’s other wives were 1) Margaret Westbrook, 2) Marrilla (1792-1846), 3) Angelica (1810-1855), and 4) Louisa S. (1797-1870)

Reference: The Hibbard Family
photo of henry hibbard with wife louisa
Image courtesy of the Lee Family Collection
Silas Smock Family
Photo taken c. 1885
Emma Lydia Hibbard married Silas Smock in 1872. Silas was a farmer. Emma and Silas had four children. Pictured here are Silas and Emma with there first three children, Grant, Lucetta and Edna. Silas moved his family to far away Colville, Stevens County, Washington, in the northeast part of the state, near the Canadian border to work in the timber industry. Emma Lydia Hibbard was the daughter of John K. Hibbard.
Silas Smock and Emma Hibbard family photo
Photo courtesy of richbarb327 at
Washington State Timber Industry
The seemingly infinite western hemlock and Douglas fir forests of Washington State had become big business by the early 1900s. Starting as early as the 1850s, failed prospectors from California’s Gold Rush headed north, landing at Puget Sound. Immediately, they began harvesting the coastal timbers, hauling them to the shore by any means possible. Virtually inaccessible, the lumber was shipped by boat south along the West Coast until the railroad had arrived, bringing more lumberjacks and industrialists with deep pockets. In 1900, a magnate bought nearly 1 million acres of the state’s 18 million of timberland—the largest private land purchase in U.S. history. In that same year, his company harvested nearly 5 billion trees. But life in the forest was no walk in the park. Manual cross-saws were dangerous and the work grisly. Dismemberment and death were common. Hauling the lumber from the timberland to trains and ships proved equally challenging. Despite the transformation of pristine forestland to muddy hills, by the decade’s end Washington State doubled its output, harvesting more than 10 billion trees in a single year.
References: The Hibbard Family, The Ancestry of Donald Scott Lee,

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