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The Cruzen Family Tree Genealogy

Cruzen Family Ancestor
3rd Great Grandmother
Mary Elizabeth Cruzen (1829-1908)
The Donald Scott Lee Cruzen Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Jesse Jewel Heath (1905-1973)
Great Grandfather
John James Heath (1881-1920)
2nd Great Grandmother
Cynthia ‘Arelia' Steele (1853-1936)
3rd Great Grandmother
Mary Elizabeth Cruzen (1829-1908)
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Cruzen Family Ancestor’s and Genealogy
3rd Great Grandmother
Mary Elizabeth Cruzen (1829-1908)
Mary Elizabeth Cruzen was born on January 4, 1829 in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.  She was married to James Archibald Steele.1 Her mother was Arelia Wayne North (1805-1898)1, who was married to Richard Richardson Cruzen.  In 1850 Mary was living in District 90 of Saline County, Missouri.1  Mary outlived her husband and lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Theophilus Berrian Heath, until her death.  Mary died on December 8, 1908 in Marshall, Saline County, Missouri.
4th Great Grandfather
Richard Richardson Cruzen (1803-1891)
Richard Richardson Cruzen was born on March 29, 1803 in Virginia.2  Richard located at Harpers Ferry when quite young, for it is said that he worked in the United States armory there for thirty years and he was only 46 when he finally severed bis connection with government and left for Missouri in April, 1849.3 Richard married Amelia Wayne North in 1825.4 Richard married Arelia Wayne North, youngest daughter of Captain George North and Eliza Keyes.  The North family was an aristocratic one, descended from the early Barons and Lords of that name in England. Richard was only a common mechanic hence Arelia’s family proposed that the union would not be tolerated.  “But Love laughs at parental injunctions.”  It is said that it was ‘sausage-making time' at the Keyes domicile but there was no sage.  So Arelia left to borrow some from the neighbors but she never returned. She met the young mechanic, Richard and they eloped.  The laws of Virginia and Maryland prevented their marriage, so they procured a minister and a boat and sought a rock far out in the rolling Potomac, where they clasped their hands and the preacher’s words soon made them one.  Amelia Wayne North was born at Mt. Jefferson in Jefferson County, Virginia (now West Virginia).
In 1839 the family made their way to the frontier state of Missouri and in the company of three other families by the name of Chambers, Mallory and Hawke, they left Jefferson County in the spring and set out on the long journey to the new state.  Without a house to live in upon their arrival the family at first lived in a church.  Because of the loneliness of country and  the death of two of their children within 18 days, the family returned to Harper’s Ferry, where Richard and his son Nathaniel found employment once again at the armory.  Then in 1846 Richard’s son Nathaniel and a friend made their way back to the farm in Missouri.
Eventually, the whole family made their way to Missouri.  Richard Richardson Cruzen died in 1891 and his wife passed away on May 5, 1898 at the age of 92 years old.  Richard died at the age of 88.  The wedded life of Richard and Amelia extended over a period of 66 years.  To his last day he was intensely religious and delighted to assist in revival meetings. Amelia was a conspicuous example of that dignified womanhood which ever elicits the admiration of the world.  To them twelve children were born; Nathaniel Greene,  Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Arelia, Hannah Emily, Mildred Lauretta, Margaret Keyes, Wilelmer Richardson, Isaac Chaplain, Eliza North, George Richardson, infant who died on the first day, and Winfield Thornton.3
Image from Genealogy and History of the related Keyes, North and Cruzen Families by Millard Fillmore Stipes.
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Harpers Ferry
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Richard R. Cruzen - Obituary
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Richard Richardson Cruzen 1803-1891
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Harper’s Ferry by Moonlight
Harpers Ferry by moonlight, Harpers Ferry im Mondlicht, Steel engraving by R. Hinshelwood (1812-) after painting by Granville Perkins.
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References:  1)  U.S. Federal Census 1850, Clark, Atchison County, Missouri.  2)  U.S. Find A Grave Index.  3)  Genealogy and History of the related Keyes, North and Cruzen Families by Millard Fillmore Stipes.  4)  North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000.

Page Header Image Credits: ‘Old Virginia’ by Frank Buchser [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
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