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The Cornish Family Tree Genealogy

Cornish Family Ancestor
Jemima Cornish (1718-1791)
6th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Cornish Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee  (1945)
Wendell Orie Lee  (1922-1999)
Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandfather
Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933)
2nd Great Grandfather
Charles Henry Lee (1837-1905)
3rd Great Grandmother
Betsy Ann Benson (1814-1889)
4th Great Grandmother
Keziah Barber Messenger (1780-1857)
5th Great Grandmother
Jemima Barber (1741-1781)
6th Great Grandmother
Jemima Cornish (1718-1791)
Cornish Family Ancestors and Genealogy
6th Great Grandmother
Jemima Cornish (1718-1791)
Jemima Cornish was born on November 20, 1718 in the town of Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.1 Jemima married Jonathan Barber who also lived in Simsbury.2  Jemima and Jonathan were only married for a short while as Jonathan Barber died in 1745 at the age of 28 years at the Siege of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia.  Jonathan was part of a New England colonial force that captured Louisbourg from the French. Jemima remarried three years later to Captain Jacob Pettibone also from Simsbury.3  Jemima died on October 2, 1791 and is buried in the Hop Meadow Cemetery in Simsbury.4  Jemima’s mother was Hannah Hillyer (1681-1751) and her father was Deacon James Cornish.
7th Great Grandfather
Deacon James Cornish (1663-1739)
Deacon James Cornish was born in Saybrook, Middlesex County, Connecticut.5  James married Elizabeth Thrall first and then Hannah Hillyer (1681-1751) on April 15, 1715.6 7 James and Hannah’s children were Gabriel, Jemima, Jabez, Mary and James.  James became one of the first deacons appointed by the First Church and a trusted leader in the community.  James died on April 2, 1740. James’ mother was Phebe Brown and his father was James Cornish Sr.7
8th Great Grandfather
James Cornish (1612-1698)
James Cornish was born in England in 1610.8   James was a school teacher and first appeared in 1659 in Saybrook, Connecticut.  Soon after his appearance in Saybrook, he married Phebe, widow of Greenfield Larrabee.  She was his second wife. Phebe was the daughter of William Brown, of Rusper, County Sussex, England.  She had first married Thomas Lee in England, by whom she had several children.  The family sailed for America around 1641, but Thomas and others died of smallpox during the voyage.  Her third husband was Mr. James Cornish. Through their son James came the Simsbury family.  Phebe died during childbirth on December 28, 1664.  Mr. Cornish was teaching school at Windsor in 1661. This is supported by the fact that there are records of payment to James for ‘schooling’.  James taught school in several different places.9 At one time James was appointed Clerk of the Courts at Northampton.  James was also brought before the court for “taking the name of God in vain”.   He was found guilty and fined for saying “As God lives, that which the Captain says is false”. This was in some connection with a matter brought up in a town meeting by a Captain Cooke.9 In 1695, James moves in to the residence of his son in Simsbury, Connecticut.  Mr. James Cornish was a well-educated, industrious and fully employed during his long lifetime.  He was a pioneer in the cause of common school education.9
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Deacon James Cornish Gravestone
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Cornish Family Research Websites
Simsbury History Organization - James Cornish was a schoolteacher and ‘Clerk of Courts’ in Northampton. On one of his teaching assignments’ James met Phebe Brown Lee Larabee and they married some time before 1661.

WikiTree - Over 1000 Cornish profiles including Captain James Cornish who was born on October 30, 1694 in Windsor, Connecticut. The Captain, son of James and Elizabeth Thrall Cornish, married Amy Butler in Simsbury, Connecticut.

House of Names - The surname Cornish is a Welsh name that was first held when the Cornish family lived in the English county of Cornwall. The surname Cornish was first found in Devon, where they held a family seat from very ancient times.

Geneanet - Joseph Cornish was born in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. He was the son of James Cornish (1663), married Mary Eno on May 5, 1726. Joseph died at the age of 61 years in 1759.
Simsbury Cemetery
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Hop Meadow Cemetery, Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut
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Image courtesy of D. Scott Lee 2015
Main Street in Simsbury, Connecticut in 1921
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Simsbury, Connecticut 1921, courtesy of Mcapdevila at Wikimedia Commons
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Page Background Image Credits: The Sermon (1886) by Gary Melchers (1860-1932). American born artist. Image courtesy of Trzesacz at Wikimedia Commons.

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