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The Conwell and Lee Family Tree

Conwell Family Ancestor
Lydia Conwell (1785-1875)
4th Great Grandmother
The Donald Scott Lee Conwell Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee  (1945)
Wendell Orie Lee  (1922-1999)
Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandmother
2nd Great Grandfather
Wiliam Thomas Ricord (1839-1921)
3rd Great Grandfather
James Ashbury Ricord. (1817-Unknown)
4 Great Grandmother
Lydia Conwell. (1785-1875)
Conwell Family Ancestors and Genealogy
4th Great Grandmother
Lydia Conwell (1785-1875)
Lydia Conwell married Samuel Records (1783-1858) in Seaford, Sussex, Delaware in 1805. Lydia’s father was William Conwell.
5th Great Grandfather
William Conwell¹ (1760-1831)
William Conwell married Nancy Ann King (1764-1799) in Sussex, Delaware in 1784. William’s father was William Fisher Conwell.
6th Great Grandfather
William Fisher Conwell (1732-1782)
William Fisher Conwell married Rebecca Claypoole (1713-1779) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1752. William’s father was Lt. John Conwell.
7th Great Grandfather
Lt. John Conwell² (1699-1782)
Lt. John Conwell married Comfort Claypoole (1713-1779) in Milford, Sussex, Delaware in 1730. John’s father was Yeates Conwell.
8th Great Grandfather
Yeates Conwell³ (1660-1727)
Yeates Conwell married Rebekah Fisher (1665-1747) in Cape, Sussex, Delaware in 1685. Yeate’s father was Francis Conwell.
9th Great Grandfather
Francis Conwell (1638 or 1645-1691)⁴
Francis Conwell married Mary Yeates (1638-1691 in England in 1638.  Francis’ father was William Conwell.
10th Great Grandfather
William Conwell (1615-1676)
William Conwell married Mary F. Swan? (1618-Unknown) in New England about 1639.  William’s father was William Conwell.
The Conwell Family’, by Oliver D. Conwell, Pittsburgh, PA.
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Captain William Conwell - Died 1820
This Captain William Conwell was born c. 1749 and died in 1820.
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The Conwells and the Claypooles
The Conwell family of colonial days was closely connected with the Claypoole family of England, descendants of John Claypoole, knighted by King James I in 1604. His descendants, James Claypoole, of the fifth generation, landed in Philadelphia in 1683 and Norton, his brother, arrived in Lewes, Delaware in 1678. Three of Norton Claypoole’s granddaughters were connected by marriage with Yeates Conwell’s three sons. Comfort Claypoole married Lt. John Conwell. Rachel Claypoole married his younger brother, Elias Conwell. Elizabeth Claypoole married William Conwell’s eldest son Thomas.

Read more on this at The Conwell Family by Oliver D. Conwell, 1918.
Lieutenant John Conwell
7th Great Grandfather
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The pioneers of the Conwell family in America consisted of Yeates Conwell and Rebekah his wife. The vessel on which they came from Europe entered Delaware Bay on April 15, 1699 and anchored at Reedy Island. They landed in Delaware, a few miles west of the town of Lewes and settled in Broadkiln Neck in Sussex County. These facts are recorded in the Conwell family bible. Tradition says that their second son, Lieutenant John Conwell, was born on the vessel in the bay the day before they landed.
New England Marriages
Prior to 1700
For Cornwall or Cornwell
Jacob Cornwall (1646-1708) and Mary White (1659-?). Mary remarries to John Bacon c.1678. Document
John Cornwell or Cornwall (1640-1707) marries Martha Peck (1641-1708) on June 8, 1665, in Middletown, CT. Document
John Cornwall (1671-?) marries first wife Elizabeth Hinsdale (-1698) on September 15, 1695 in Middletown, CT. Document
John Corwall (1671-?) marries second wife, Mary Hilton (1671-?) on March 23, 1698/9, in Middletown, CT. Document
Samuel Cornwell (1642-1728) marries Rebecca Bull (1644-?) on January 15, 1667, in Middletown, CT. Document
Thomas Cornwell (1648-1702) marries Sarah Clarke, Saybrook on November 14, 1672, in Middletown, CT. Document
William Cornwall (-1678) marries first wife Joan or Jean in Roxbury or Hartford, Middletown, CT. Document
William Cornwell (-1678) marries second wife Mary ? around 1639 in Roxbury, Middletown, CT. Document
William Cornwell (1641-1691) marries Mary Bull or Bell (1649-1717) on November 30, 1670, in Middletown, CT. Document
William Cornwall (1671-1747) marries Esther Ward (1669-1734) on January 22, 1692, in Middletown, CT. Document
William Cornwall marries Mary Thompson in December 1699, in Middletown, CT or Wethersfield, CT. Document
William Cornwall (-1704) marries Esther ? born in 1700, Middletown, CT. Document
Northamptonshire England Baptisms
William Conwall, son of William and Mary Cornwall, January 25, 1778. Document
Elizabeth Cornwall, daughter of William and Mary Cornwall, November 9, 1780. Document
William Conwell - Died 1831
This William Conwell “departed this life” on January 13, 1831. Please contact webmaster with any information.
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References: 1) Descendants of William Conwell; Daughters of the American Revolution; Volume 146:1919, pp 160. 2) Lt. John Conwell; Delaware, Wills and Probate Records, 1676-1971. 3) Yeates Conwell; U.S. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500-1900. 4) Francis Conwell;Family Data Collection - Births.

Page Background Image Credits: Mouth of the Dealaware by Thomas Birch (1779-1851) date 1828. Notes from Kloss, William, et al. Art in the White House: A Nation's Pride. Washington, D.C.: The White House Historical Association, 2008: Image courtesy of Scewing at Wikimedia Commons
"The scene may be near Lewes, Delaware, at Cape Henlopen, where the harbor pilots who guided ships safely through the shallows were brought aboard as the vessels entered Delaware Bay. Or the painting may instead depict the channel nearer the mouth of the Delaware River, perhaps at Deepwater Point.
"Storm clouds approach from the ocean. We know its direction, since the tide rolls inland here from left to right. Of the four boats shown, only the topsail schooner at the left is leaving to challenge the weather. . . . Heading upriver with the current, a nearly full-rigged merchant ship passes the schooner. The two sailors aboard the small sailboat appear to be furling its sails as the wind rises, while the sturdy fishing dinghy rowed by four men on single oars, with the coxswain reclining on nets in the stern, makes for shore." Wikimedia Commons.
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