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The Benson Family Tree Genealogy

Benson Family Ancestor
Betsy Ann Benson (1814-1889)
3rd Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee’s Benson Family Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984)
Great Grandfather
Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933)
2 Great Grandfather
Charles Henry Lee (1837-1905)
3 Great Grandmother
Betsy Ann Benson (1814-1889)
Benson Family Ancestors and Genealogy
3rd Great Grandmother
Betsy Ann Benson (1814-1889)
Betsy Ann Benson married James Henry Lee (1807-1904) in Missouri in 1830. Betsy’s family of Benson were early followers of the Latter Day Saints, or Mormon, movement. Betsy was a Mormon, however it not known whether her husband, James Lee, was a follower of the faith. Perhaps he was and was converted once he emigratedBetsy’s father was Benjamin Benson.
4th Great Grandfather
Benjamin Benson (1775-1846)
Benjamin Benson married Keziah Barber Messenger (1780-1857) in Mendon, Adams County, Illinois.  The Benson and Messenger families were Mormons. Benjamin’s father was Stutson Benson.
5th Great Grandfather
Stutson Benson (1741-1820)
Stetson Benson was born on March 2, 1741 in Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Stutson came to Dutchess County, New York with his parents as a small boy, sometime before 1744.  He married Bersheba Lewis (1746-1830) in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
During the American Revolution, Stutson served in the 14th Regiment of the Albany County, New York, Militia along with his brothers Joel and Elnathan. He probably served with that unit at the Battle of Bennington. Family traditions state that Stutson was captured during the battle and sent to Montreal. Another version is that it was his ten year old son who was captured. Stutson served from Vermont as a private in Captain Matthias Button’s Company of Colonel John Abbott’s Regiment of Foot for a few days in August of 1781. About 1785 or 1786 he moved a few miles to White Creek, now in Washington County, New York, where there was a Baptist church, of which he became a clerk, the Reverend William Waite being pastor.
Stutson came to Pompey, Onondaga County, New York about 1796, the year in which his brother-in-law, Benjamin Lewis, arrived. Several of his sons had come in 1793, and his daughter Elizabeth Marsh and her family in 1797. Stutson sometimes preached, but probably was never ordained.
Stutson became a representative to the Vermont General Assembly. Stutson joined the Baptist Church of Christ at Providence, Saratoga County, New York, in 1791. When Stutson married Bersheba he could ot read or write but learned from his wife and became a well read man, particularly in the Bible. Four of Stutson’s sons moved to Pompey Onondaga County, New York, when it was a wilderness area, in about 1792. Stutson and his wife Bathsheba moved their as well.
Stutson was a farmer and resided in Pompey until his death on March 1, 1820. His wife, Bersheba died 30 years later on July 18, 1850 at the age of 84 years. Both Stutson and Bersheba (Bathsheba) are buried at the Delphi Falls Baptist Cemetery, in Pompey, New York. Bersheba’s father was John Lewis of Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York. Stutson’s father was William Benson Jr.
6th Great Grandfather
William Benson Jr. (1710-1797)
William Benson Jr. was born on April 12, 1710 in Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He was described as a ’sea faring man of Rochester’ in a quitclaim deed in 1740, releasing rights in the estate of Joel Ellis.  He married Elizabeth Ellis (1719-1762), one of Joel Ellis’ daughters on March 22, 1738/9 in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts. During their marriage they had seven children: Ellis b. 31 Mar 1740, Stutson b. 2 Mar 1741, Benjamin, Joel b. Oct 1749 in Fredericksburg, Duchess County, New York, Thankful b. 1752, Elnathan b. abt. 1760, and Seth Stutson b. about 1761 (William’s mother had a half brother named Seth Stutson. William died on May 9, 1797, most likely in Providence, Saratoga County, New York, where he and his son Stutson and wife, Bathsheba had moved. William’s father was William Benson.
7 Great Grandfather
William Benson (1680-1710)
William Benson Sr. married Elizabeth Stetson (1682-1711) in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts.  William’s father was John Benson.
8th Great Grandfather
John Benson III  (1635-1711)
John Benson III married Elizabeth (Mary) Marsh (1638-1704) in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1664.  John’s father was John Benson Jr. (Immigrant)
9 Great Grandfather
John Benson Jr. (1608-1678)
John Benson Jr. married Mary Williams (1606-1681) in Caversham, Oxfordshire, England in 1633.  John’s father was John Benson Sr. (Immigrant)
10 Great Grandfather
John Benson Sr. (1582-1678)
John Benson Sr. married Mary Payton.  John’s father was Thomas Benson.
11 Great Grandfather
Thomas Benson (1551-1614)
Thomas Benson married Maude Warner. Thomas’ father was Richard Benson.
12 Great Grandfather
Richard Benson (1524-1600)
Richard Benson died in Lancashire, England?
Immigrant John Benson 1582 - 1678

10 Great Grandfather
It is generally believed that the name Benson originally designated someone who was the son of Ben. The origin of the the Benson surname is uncertain. However, in 571 A.D. the West Saxons under their King Cuthwulf named a part of Oxfordshire ‘Bensintun’, which meant ‘descendants of a mythical, warlike leader’. This area became the Royal Manor of Bensington, and commonly referred to as Benson. 1 Another origin is also given at the House of Names as coming from the Medieval given name Benne, derived from the Latin word ‘benedictus’ meaning ‘blessed’. 2
Immigrant John Benson of the parish of Shiplake, Oxfordshire, about three miles from Caversham, was born about 1608. He was listed as 30 years old when he emigrated to America in 1638.

John married Mary Williams on October 14 1633 at Caversham and Mary was baptized there as well on October 12, 1606. Together with their two children, John and Mary, they traveled to Southhampton and embarked on the ship ‘Confidence’ on April 11, 1638. Their children were both under 4 years old.
After landing in Boston, John received a grant of land in Hingham, Massachusetts. He had a three-acre house lot near the intersection of Main St. and South Pleasant St. It is here that John and Mary probably establlished a small farm.1
Copied from The Joseph Smith Papers at
The Confidence
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons compliments of John Vandenberg. Image is of Australian origin and now in the public domain.
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Battle of Bennington
The Battle of Bennington was a battle of the American Revolutionary War, part of the Saratoga campaign, that took place on August 16, 1777, in Walloomsac, New York, about 10 miles from Bennington, Vermont.
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Battle of Bennington (engraving from painting by Alonzo Chappel 1874) Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, public domain, US National Archives.
The Bennington Battle Monument
The Bennington Battle Monument is a 301-or-306-foot-high stone obelisk located at 15 Monument Circle, in Bennington, Vermont, United States. The monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War.
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Photo taken by D. Scott Lee
Benson Notables
Mormon Pioneer
Ezra T. Benson (1811-1869)
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Ezra was a leader in the early LDS church. He was born in Mendon, Massachusetts. He grew up in Uxbridge and married Pamelia Andrew of Northbridge in 1832. He owned a hotel in town and invested in a cotton mill at Holland, MA. Ezra and Pamella became Mormons in 1840 in Quincy, Illinois. In 1841 the Bensons moved to Nauvoo, where Joseph Smith, Mormon Prophet had purchased the town of Commerce outright and changed the name to Nauvoo. Joseph Smith led his people out of Missouri to this new place. Being an early Apostle to the Church, Ezra enjoyed a personal relationship with LDS leader and prophet Joseph Smith. Like many of his brethren at the time, Ezra practiced ‘plural marriage’ and married his second wife in 1844. After moving to Salt Lake City, Ezra married six more wives including the Joseph Smith’s widow. The fact that Joseph Smith’s widow remarried Ezra after Joseph died is evident of the close relationship he had with the Prophet. Ezra was a farmer and he fathered 35 children. He also owned Indian slaves. Ezra died suddenly from a heart attack and is buried in Logan, Utah. Reference: Wikipedia
Mormon President Ezra Taft Benson II
8th Cousin
Ezra Taft Benson II 13th President of the LDS Church and Secretary of Agriculture
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Ezra Taft Benson was a Mormon farmer in Logan, Utah who became the President of the LDS Church. Ezra was the grandson of Ezra T. Benson, the Mormon pioneer. Ezra was also appointed Secretary of Agriculture by president Eisenhower. (8th Cousin)
Benson Family Research Websites
WikiTree Benson Genealogy. Roughly 3,700 Benson profiles. Check out Betsy Ann Benson Lee’s profile. Betsy Benson Profile’s Freepages The Benson Family of Ireland and the United States by Jack E. Mac Donald of Powell, Wyoming. Three Generations beginning with James Benson born in Ireland, arrived in South Carolina by the early 1750’s.
RootsWeb Freepages Thomas Benson of Upholland, Lancashire, England circa 1790. Three generations of this line all in Lancashire.
Mormon Pioneer Benjamin Benson 1775-1846
4th Great Grandfather
Benjamin’s Letter to Joseph Smith dated November 12, 1837
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References: 1) The Benson Family of Colonial Massachusetts by Richard H. Benson; Newbury Street Press, Boston, Massachusetts, 2003; pg. 3
2) Benson, Ezra Taft; Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library; Authors Reed A. Benson and Sheri L. Dew

Page Background Image Credits: Christen Dalsgaard (1824-1907) Mormons Visit A Country Carpenter
Depiction of a Mormon missionary teaching in a Danish carpenter's workshop. The painting has belonged to the Danish National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst) since 1871. Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first arrived in Denmark in June 1850, only six years prior to this painting.  Image Courtesy of the
EconomicsGuy~commonswiki at Wikimedia Commons.
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