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The Ball Family Tree Genealogy

Ball Family Ancestor
Matilda Ellen Ball 1811-1892
3rd Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee’s Ball Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Virgil Scott Miller (1888-1956)
Great Grandmother
Elizabeth Ann Hendrick (1854-1941)
2 Great Grandmother
Mary Ellen Miller (1829-1867)
3 Great Grandmother
Matilda E. Ball (1811-1892)
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Ball Family Ancestor Genealogy
3rd Great Grandmother
Matilda Ellen Ball (1811-1892)
Matilda Ellen Ball was born in Culpepper, Virginia. Matilda married Michael Miller (1799-1880) who was born and raised in New Bethel, Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Michael’s father, Christopher had made his way from Virginia to Kentucky on the banks of the Ohio River. ‘Ellen’ and Michael were married in Perry, Indiana on April 30, 1828. Matilda’s mother was Alice ‘Alcy’ Elizabeth Withers, daughter of William Withers (1726-1804) of Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia and Elizabeth Hord (1732-1781) of Virginia. 1850 Federal Census
4th Great Grandfather
John Ball (1773-1832)
John Ball was born in Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia on Marcy 4, 1773. He married Alice ‘Alcy’ Elizabeth Withers on August 7, 1794. John and Alcy had twelve children. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1795), Martha S. (b.1797), Judith M. (b.1799), Mary H. (b.1801), Nancy W. (b.1803), Joseph Brumfield (b.1805), John W. (b.1807), George Lewis (b. 1809), Melissa (b.1811)), Matilda Ellen (b.1811), Julia A. (b.1813), Caroline S. (b.1815). John Ball was the son of the Revolutionary Captain, John Ball of Virginia.
5th Great Grandfather
Captain John Ball (1742- before 1810)
Captain John Ball was born on October 2, 1742 in Beske, Pennsylvania. The captain made his way to Virginia and married Ms. Sarah Ellen Payne in 1767. John was an Ensign in Captain Francis Atwell’s Company, in the Faquier County Militia. In July of 1779 he was recommended as Captain. Sarah Ellen Payne (1745-1824) was the daughter of William Payne of Richmond, Virginia, and Mary Jones, daughter of George Jones and Anne Philbin. Captain John Ball was the son of Martha Brumfield and William H. Ball.
6th Great Grandfather
William H. Ball (1718-1785)
William H. Ball was born in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. William married Martha Brumfield in 1741. Both William and Martha were members of the Friend’s Society, Quakers, as other folks called them. Martha’s parents were Thomas Brumfield and his first wife, Ann Holding, of Prince William County. William and Martha had four children; Captain John Ball (b. 1742), Susan (b. 1747), Thomas (b. 1752), and William Jr. (b. 1762). William H. Ball’s father was either a William Ball or John Ball.
Ensign John Ball (1742-1826) Millwright
Ensign John Ball fought in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Militia with Captain Francis Atwell’s Company. John was a Millwright by trade and is recorded as working on Mt. Vernon’s mill one year as he was hired by George Washington. John was born in Fauquier County and died in Culpepper County, Virginia.
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Fae.
Captain John Ball was a millwright from Frederick County, Virginia. He was hired in the winter of 1769 to work on George Washington’s Grist Mill at Mount Vernon.
Robert Jefferson Ball 1884-1956
2nd Cousin (3x Removed)
Robert Jefferson Ball’s application to The Kentucky Society’s Sons of the Sons of the American Revolution. Robert Jefferson Ball descendant of Captain John Ball and Sarah Ellen Payne, William Ball and Martha Brumfield of Culpepper County, Virginia.
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John Ball and Alcy Withers Marriage Certificate
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John Ball and Alice Elijah Withers were married on August 6, 1794. Signed and Sealed by Virginia Governor Henry Lee, for $150. Click on image to enlarge.
Henry Lee
Virginia Governor
4th Cousin
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Image is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons User Howcheng.
Major General Henry ‘Lighthorse Harry’ Lee III was governor of Virginia from 1791 to 1794. He signed John Ball and Alcy Withers marriage certificate just before he left office. Henry Lee was the father of General Robert E. Lee and a fourth cousin 7 times removed to Donald Scott Lee.
Captain John Ball
Revolutionary War Patriot
5th Great Grandfather
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Image is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Captain John Ball of Stafford County, Virginia owned an iron works business and supplied valuable services to the war efforts as the colonies fought for their independence from England. He was George Washington’s 2nd cousin and served on the General’s staff.
Ball Family Research
1. William Ball, probably the son of John Ball, married Martha Brumfield, daughter of Thomas Brumfield and Susannah, circa 1741 in Berks County, Pa. William and Martha did not stay long in Berks, but removed to Virginia and became the ancestors of many Ball descendants still living there.
2. William Ball and his new wife, Martha Brumfield Ball were among the first to leave Berks. They were married in 1741 or 42, in Berks County, Pa., however one source states that the weeping took place in Culpepper County, Virginia.
3. William Ball’s father John died in 1741. This was the factor in breaking up the family. William and Martha deeded 150 acres of land, in Hanover Township, Philadelphia, Pa. to Robert . Their son Thomas is said to have been born in Culpepper County in 1742. This all indicates that their removal from Pennsylvania was in the early 1740s, perhaps after the death of William’s father. The family persisted in this general region of Virginia for a period of 150 years. Descendants may still reside in the area of Culpepper County.
4. There was a special circumstances that held the Balls to this place. William Ball had a nephew, Joseph Ball, who died without issue in 1821. He was very wealthy and left his property to the descendants of William and Martha. The estate was in more or less constant litigation till the 1900. During the interim the Ball heirs were in constant expectancy of some return from the estate. At or about the year 1900 the estate was entirely consumed by expenses and legal fees.
5. In spite of this deterrent to migration, some of the Balls did move on from Virginia. Sarah Ball, daughter of William and Martha, married John Daniel and died in Morristown, Pa. Their son Thomas died in Kentucky in 1820. A nephew, John Ball died there in 1884.
6. John Ball, the son of William Ball and Martha Brumfield, born on October 2, 1742. He was probably born in Culpepper, Virginia as that is where his parents were living at the time. John married Sarah Payne. John died in 1806. John and Sarah had eight children. William, b. 1768, married Mary Ransdell. John, b. 1773, married Alcy Withers, who died in Kentucky in 1884. Thomas married Margaret Bowen, Joseph B. married Kitty Chinn, George L. married Kitty Kerfoot, Sarah, b. 1780 married Stephen Bowen, Mary married George Chilton, and Martha married Eli Porter.

Penna Pioneer (pp. 162-163) List of heirs of the Joseph Ball Estate.

Descendants of Thomas Brumfield of Berks County, Pennsylvania by Ray C. Brumfield and Blackman O. Brumfield, Published 1962. Public Domain.

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