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The Allred Family Tree Genealogy

Barsheba Allred (b.1730)
6th Great Grandmother
Donald Scott Lee Allred Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Jesse Jewell Heath (1905-1973)
Great Grandmother
Ella Maude Hopkins (1884-1976)
2nd Great Grandfather
George W. Hopkins (1853-1951)
3rd Great Grandfather
Robert L. Hopkins (1823-1900)
4th Great Grandfather
George Hopkins (1799-1868)
5th Great Grandfather
Elijah Hopkins (1774-1838)
6th Great Grandmother
Bathsheba Allred (1730-Unknown)
Allred Ancestors
Bathsheba Allred (1738-1805)
6th Great Grandmother
Bathsheba Allred was born in Orange County, North Carolina in 1738. She was married to Dennis Hopkins in 1758 in Orange County.1 2 Bathsheba’s father was William Allred, Sr.
William Allred, Sr. (1718-1770)
7th Great Grandfather
William Allred Sr. was born in 1718 in Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania. William was the third child of four children born to Solomon Allred I and his wife Ann Elizabeth York.  At the age of 21, William married Sarah Trogdon (1722-1756) who was 17, in Wicomico, Northumberland County, Virginia. The children of William and Sarah were: Bathsheba Allred, who married Dennis Hopkins, William Allred Jr. who married Elizabeth Diffee and Solomon Allred IV who married Sarah ‘Sally’ Smith. William’s father was Solomon Allred.2
Solomon Allred (1680-1742)
8th Great Grandfather
Solomon Allred was born on November 12, 1680 in Lancashire, England. He was the son of John Allred and his wife Ellen Pemberton of Eccles, Lancashire, England. Solomon Allred I, at age 24, is believed to have married in 1704 in Only, Buckingham County, England to ‘Ann’ Elizabeth York, age 16.  Ann was the daughter of Richard York II and Ann Seymour.  This is only a proposed scenario.  For more on this please refer to Dennis York’s Find A Grave Memorial #155210980 at the Find A Grave website. Solomon is buried in the Sandy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Liberty, Randolph County, North Carolina.  Solomon’s father was John Allred.2
John Allred (1637-1695)
9th Great Grandfather
John Allred was born in Eccles Parish, Lancashire, England.2 John married Ellen Pemberton.3 John and Ellen had at least ten children, including Solomon Allred .I John and Ellen were being persecuted for attending Quaker meetings in England.  Ellen died early, that is after bringing ten children into the world, and John reached out for monetary assistance from William Penn for emigrating to the colonies. John’s mother was Alice Tongue and his father was William Allred.4
William Allred (1594-1660)
10th Great Grandfather
William Allred was born in Pendleton Poole, Eccles, Lancashire, England. He married Alice Tongue on October 27, 1625 in Eccles Parish, Lancashire, England.5
John Alred (1552-after 1594)
11th Great Grandfather
John Alred was born in Eccles Parish, Lancashire County, England. He married Joan Drinkwater on July 6, 1572 in Lancashire County.6 Johanes (John) Alred was buried at St. Mary’s in Eccles Parish on December 17, 1594.7
William Allred (about 1529-1594)
12th Great Grandfather
St. Mary’s in Eccles Parish, England
St. Mary
St. Mary’s in Eccles Parish in Lancashire, England
Quaker Assembly in London England
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The Allred family of England were Quakers. In 1642 the House of Commons acted to defend the Protestant religion, Parliament, and the Crown against a perceived threat of Popery and Popish Innovations. They prepared an oath of loyalty to be taken by all males 18 and older. County Sheriffs were instructed to take action. John Allred did not sign the oath. In 1659 John married Ellen Pemberton. The next year Ellen is arrested for attending a Quaker meeting and the year after both John and Ellen were arrested after attending a Quaker meeting and sent to jail. Bottom line is that the Quakers were pacifists who did not believe in taking an oath to follow the Church of England. Image courtesy of Matanya at Wikimedia Commons.
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Surname of Allred
Allred means “Temple Counsel” or “Noble Counsel”.  The first record we are aware of concerning one by the name of Aldred or Alred, or Allred, (as it was variously spelled) is as follows: “The Venerable Aldred was residing at Cologne where he was treated with the utmost courtesy by the Archbishop of Cologne, with whom he remained as a guest for a whole year. This was in 1056. When the Archbishop of Cologne passed away he was succeeded by Allred in the year 1060.  “Allred, sometimes written Aldred was Archbishop of York at the time of Edward the Confessor’s death and he performed the ceremony of Coronation for Harold on the following day.  As the Archbishop of York he administered the Coronation oath and performed the office of Consecration for William the Conqueror, soon after the battle of Hastings.  The Honor was due to Stigund, who was then Archbishop of Canterbury, but Stifund was odious to William because he was a great favorite with the English. Moreover, his elevation to that See had followed the expulsion of Robert The Norman, at the return of Gedwin, which greatly increased William’s dislike for him.” “On the arrival of Matilda, wife of the Conqueror, she was also crowned by Alldred, as Queen of England.  He seemed to have been a man of high moral and religious principles, and of very acute sensibilities.  He is said to have died of grief and vexation at William’s tyranny over his English subjects, and to have left his malediction upon him for the utter violation of his coronation oaths. It appears that at William’s demand his Ministery was burned to the ground and upon this occasion he died of grief on the 11th of September, 1069.”  
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Read about the Early Quaker Families, 1650-1800, by Marily Dell Brady in the Friends Journal

Solomon Allred Birth Record

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Allred the Immigrant
Solomon Allred was born in 1680 in Eccles Parish, Lancashire, England; he was the same man who showed up on tax lists in Chester County, Pennsylvania in the 1720’s. It is also believed that he was the same man who showed up in land records in North Carolina in 1752. Read more at The Allred Family website.
Map of Chester County, Pennsylvania
map of chester county, pennsylvania
Chester County, Pennsylvania in the late 19th century. Chester County was one of three original counties created by William Penn in 1682. Map is courtesy of ebook the History of Chester County, Pennsylvania by John Smith Father 1820-1888.
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Persecution of the Quakers of New England
“The Quakers were persecuted because paying members of the Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, and Congregationalist Puritans were quitting and joining the Quakers. From the Word of the Lord within: "The Christians feared the early Quakers, just as the Jews feared Jesus;" because in a few short years, entire Christian churches were emptied of listeners to preachers repeating the words of the Bible, to become listeners of Christ in Quaker silent meetings. The ministers and priests then ran to the courts, suing any Quaker who stopped paying tithes to them. Because the Quakers could not swear in court, being forbidden by Jesus and James, they went to jail. When the Lord sent the Quaker men and women into their churches to preach the true hope and true faith, the ministers and priests ran to the magistrates and courts still more. The success of the early Quakers movement eventually emptied many churches throughout England, and the oppostion's violence intensified, with Parliament passing laws against any Quaker meeting, the penalty being fines, imprisonment, and finally banishment to the remote colonies in the Carribean.”

The above was written by Hall V. Worthington and wife Joan Worthington. Read more about the History of Persecutions Suffered by the Early Quakers at their website The Missing Cross to Purity.
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Page References: 1)  Family Data Collection - Marriages,  2)  Find A Grave Memorial #171454404, created by Dennis York.  3)  U.S. Find A Grave Index.  4)  The Allred Family online. 5)  England Select Marriages, 1538-1812 6)  Manchester, Church of England Burials. 7)  England Select Marriages,1538-1973.
Image Credits: 1) Allred Coat of Arms taken from The Allred Family in America, by Dr. Rulon C. Allred, Volume I, published 1965, on line at 2) St. Mary’s in Eccles Parish in Lancashire courtesy of Magnus Manske at Wikimedia Commons.
Page Background Image Credits: Country Wedding by John Lewis Krimmel (1786-1821), 1820. Depicts the marriage of the daughter of a moderately prosperous Pennsylvania farmer in the late 1810s at home. Image courtesy of Churchh at Wikimedia Commons.
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