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Family Genealogy Trees

Over 50 Related Familes of the Lee and Miller Family Tree including Alford, Allred, Ball, Barber, Benson, Bliss, Boshun, Bradshaw, Brice, Brooke, Carr, Chapin, Clark, Claypoole, Conwell, Cord, Cornish, Cruzen, Darby, Harbit, Hazard, Heath, Heflin, Hendrick, Hinkel, Holcombe, Hopewell, Hopkins, Hoskins, King, Lambert, Alberta Lewis, Bersheba Lewis, Looney, Mann, Messenger, Moorman, North, Pate, Phelps, Pierce, Pickles, Ricord, Royse, Steele, Stetson, Stevens, Tanner, Van Meter, Winslow, and the Yeates family tree genealogy.
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Recent Additions

The Winslow Family Tree and Related Families
In 1620, aboard the Mayflower, the Winslow family made their way to Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Winslow family was an integral part of the beginning of the settlement in America. Edward Winslow was a governor of the new Plymouth Colony and responsible for recording the first ‘Harvest Festival’ Thanksgiving celebration among the pilgrims and the Wampanoag natives.
The Bliss Family Tree and Related Families
Nathaniel Bliss (1622-1654) married Catherine Chapin (1630-1711) who was the daughter of Deacon Samuel Chapin (1598-1675), also known as “The Puritan”, co-founder of Springfield, Massachusetts.
The Puritan - Samuel Chapin
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
The Stetson Family Tree and Related Families
In 1666 Cornet Robert Stetson, a Quaker, was the largest individual land holder in Scituate and the larger part of his holdings were in what afterwards became Hanover. Inn 1690 he gave to his son, Captain Benjamin, a beautiful tract of 60 acres, now in Hanover. This land was owned by four successive generations of Benjamin Stetsons.

On December 6, 1675, the Plymouth War Council appointed Maj. James Cudworth, Cornet Robert Stetson, and Isaac Chittenden as press masters to obtain enough fit and able Scituate men for an Indian-fighting expedition.
Robert Stetson’s Chair
“This very fine chair we have named ‘The Stetson’ to distinguish it from the Brewster and Carver chairs of the same period. this chair is one of finest specimens that has been found. The first authentic record of the chair dates from 1840, when the effects of Deacon Ephraim Stetson were sold at auction. There is no question about the date of this chair and that it belong to the Deacon when he died in 1839. Undoubtedly he inherited it from his ancestors and that it originally belong to Cornet Robert Stetson in 1660.” (written by Colonel William J. Howard of Whitman, Massachusetts.)
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The Benson Family Tree and Related Families
Traces my family back to the Benson Family of Massachusetts and Oxfordshire, England. The Benson family was an early part of the Church of Ladder Day Saints, also known as the Mormons. Some of the Bensons were the first to arrive with prophet Brigham Young. Ezra Taft Benson became President of the LDS Church. Benson Family
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The Nauvoo Illinois Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located in Nauvoo, Illinois. Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons user Amigisseman (BYU).
The Miller Family
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Ernest Christian Miller (1732-1798) immigrated from Germany. By way of Virginia he migrated to Breckinridge County.  The Millers settled in the Hardinsburg area, near Cloverport, once known as Joesville or Joe’s Landing, a ferry stop along the Ohio River. Miller Family Tree
The Lee Family
Wendell Orie Lee - Father
Wendell was born in Bellflower, California, in 1922. He grew up working in his father’s produce business. He married Marilyn Miller, who was born in 1924 in Long Beach, California, in September, 1942, just before Wendell joined the Coast Guard. Wendell Lee died in Rogue River, Oregon, in 1999. He worked his old-fashioned highway fruit stand until his death. Read more about Wendell’s life here.
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Wendell in 1942, passing through the Redwood National Forest, California, on his way to his father’s ranch in Southern Oregon.
James Henry Lee 1807-1904

3rd Great Grandfather
James Henry Lee II (1807-1904) was born in England of English parents. James married Betsy Ann Benson in Missouri in 1830. James had a ‘harness and saddlery’ business, but only because Betsy became ill and he couldn’t farm anymore.  He states in his letter to Betsy’s brother Alford B. Benson, that he and Betsy were following the Harness and Saddlery trade, presently living in Richland, Missouri”. The letter also includes the fact that they have “..only two children living, William and Charles.”24  The other son, Erik Benson, died at just 27 years old fighting in the Civil War. The Lee Family
The Stetson Family
Colonel Isaiah K. Stetson
Colonel Stetson was the President of the Stetson Kindred Organization c.1917. He was one of the last of the Bangor ship builders. The Colonel was a graduate of Yale University and Treasurer of the University of Maine. He served as a State Senator and Speaker of the House. He was the President of the First National Bank of Bangor.
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Page Background Image Credits: Married to an Old Maid by William Hogarth (1697-1764). Painted sometime between 1732 and 1735 this oil on canvas painting is hanging in the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London. Image courtesy of Eloquence at Wikimedia Commons.
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