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George Washington

3rd Cousin
Common Family Ancestor
Colonel George Reade

8th Great Grandfather
“My first common ancestor with George Washington is Colonel George Reade. The Colonel is George’s 2nd Great Grandfather and my 8th Great Grandfather. According to my relationship chart, President George Washington is my 3rd Cousin (6 times removed).”
Colonel George Reade
In 1641 Colonel George Reade married Elizabeth Martiau⁴, the daughter of Captain Nicholas Martiau, Frenchman and ‘Master Fence Builder’, and Elizabeth ‘Jane' Page Berkeley.  This was Jane’s second marriage, as her first spouse, Lt. Edward Berkely, who she immigrated with from England in 1621 aboard the ship ‘Sea Flower’⁵, died early.  Nicholas Martiau and Edward Berkeley were patriots in the Virginia Militia and fought in the ‘Indian Wars’ together.
Visit the Jamestown Organization by clicking on the image below. Courtesy of the Jamestowne Society.
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Colonel George Reade
George Washington
2nd Great Grandfather
Colonel George Reade
George married Elizabeth Martiau (1625-1685) in 1641. Their daughter was Mildred Reade.
Great Grandmother
Mildred Reade
Mildred married Colonel Augustine Warner II (1642-1681) in 1661. Their daughter was Mildred Warner.
Mildred Warner
Mildred married Captain Lawrence Washington (1659-1699) in 1688. Son was Captain Augustine Washington.
Augustine Washington
Augustine married Mary Ball (1708-1789) in 1731.  Their son was George Washington.
George Washington
General of the Continental Army, First President and Father of our Nation.
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Colonel George Reade
Donald Scott Lee
8th Great Grandfather
Colonel George Reade
Colonel George Reade married Elizabeth Martiau (1625-1685) c.1641. Their son was Francis Reade.
7th Great Grandfather
Francis Reade
Francis Reade married Ann Beale (1666-1700) c.1680.  Their daughter was Ann Reade.
6th Great Grandmother
Ann Reade
Ann Reade married Matthew Pate (1685-1780) in 1709 in Bedford, Virginia. Their son was Jeremiah Pate.
6th Great Grandfather
Jeremiah Pate
Jeremiah Pate married Frances Ragland (1735-1760) in 1755. Their son was Edward Pate.
4th Great Grandfather
Edward Pate
Edward Pate married Mary Crawford (1771-1850) in 1789 in Botetourt, Virginia. Their daughter was Eleanor Ellen Pate.
3rd Great Grandmother
Eleanor Pate married William B. Clark (1796-1818) in 1811 in Breckinridge, Kentucky. Their daughter was Eliza Jane Clark.
2nd Great Grandmother
Eliza Jane Clark married William ‘Billy’ Miller 1812-1884 c.1831 in Breckinridge, Kentucky. Their son was Lewis Miller.
Great Grandfather
Lewis Miller married Elizabeth Ann Hendrick (1854-1941) in 1872 in Cloverport, Kentucky. Their son was Virgil Scott Miller.
Virgil Scott Miller
Virgil Scott Miller married Jessie Jewell Heath (1905-1973) in 1924 in Alhambra, California. Their daughter was Marilyn Maxine Miller.
Marilyn Maxine Miller
Marilyn Maxine Miller married Wendell Orie Lee (1922-1999) in 1942 in Bellflower, California.  Their son was Donald Scott Lee.
Donald Scott Lee
B. 1945
Donald Scott Lee was born in Grants Pass, Oregon, on August 15, 1945.
George Washington
3rd Cousin 6x Removed
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Young George was born into a family with strong ties to not only the early government of the 'New World’, but also the English government and monarchy as well.  His paternal pedigree was both English and French.
George’s direct ancestors on his father’s side included Sir Frances Windebank, Colonial Secretary of State to King Charles I,¹ and Nicholas Martiau, the Frenchman, and ‘Master Fence Builder’,  who became the ‘Father of Yorktown’.  
George's mother, Mary Ball, was of the Ball family, who were wealthy English gentry who came to Virginia to become planters.²
One of the ‘Founding Fathers of the United States’, George served as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.  George presided over the drafting of the U.S. Constitution and became to known as the father of our country.³
George was a third generation American, as his great-grandfather, John Washington, immigrated in 1657 to Virginia.⁴ John Washington was born in Tring, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom, in 1631, arriving in the Virginia Colony in 1657.
Lt. Colonel John Washington
George Washington’s Great Grandfather
The Colonel was an English soldier, planter and politician in Virginia. John was well educated and a ‘fellow’ at Oxford University. When John first arrived in Virginia, he stayed at the home of Colonel Nathaniel Pope, a Virginia planter.  
John Washington fell in love with Anne Pope, the Colonel’s daughter. They were married in 1658.⁵ John became a Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Militia and campaigned against the Indians.⁶
Captain Lawrence Washington
George Washington’s Grandfather
Captain Lawrence Washington (1659-1698) was George’s grandfather.  He was a lawyer, soldier, planter, and Virginia politician. Captain Lawrence was the first of George’s line to be born in America. In 1688, Lawrence married the daughter of “the wealthy" Gloucester County planter Augustine Warner, Jr., Mildred Warner, of Warner Hall.⁷
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Captain Lawrence Washington Image provided by Wikimedia Commons.
Augustine Washington
Father of George Washington
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
George’s father was Augustine Washington (1694-1743).  He was of the Colony of Virginia’s “landed gentry”, a planter and slave holder.
Augustine was only four years old when his father passed away. He was married twice.  First to Jane Butler and second to Mary Ball, George’s mother. Augustine fathered 10 children.
George Washington had 3 half-brothers (one died at birth), and one half-sister, Jane, who died at 13. Hee also had three brothers, Samuel, John, and Charles, and two sisters, (one died at one year of age) and the other, Betty, who married Colonel Fielding Lewis. Colonel Lewis was a Revolutionary War patriot, successful merchant and planter, and the grandfather of the American explorer, Meriwether Lewis.⁸
General George Washington
on Blueskin
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Photo courtesy of D. Scott Lee. Mount Vernon
George Washington was appointed commander of the Continental Army on June 14, 1775. He would not return to his home at Mount Vernon until 6 years later.
Blueskin was a gift to Washington from Colonel Benjamin Tasker Dulany (c. 1752–1816) of Maryland. Blueskin lived at Mount Vernon.
For more facts on General Washington and the Revolutionary War click here.
References: ¹ Jamestown Society; Nicholas Martiau~The Adventurous Hugenot, by John Baer Stoudt; Norristown, Pa, 1932. ² George ³ Lewis of Warner Hall History of a Family by Sorley. ⁴Jamestown Society~Washington & Northern Virginia Company|Biographies of Ancestors of Members. ⁵ Elizabeth Martiau|Kaaren Crail Vining Memorial #11591903. 
Images: 1)  Portrait of George Washington by Rembrandt Peale (1778-1860); oil on canvas c. 1850 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons  2) George Washington 1847 ten-cent stamp courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons  3)  Horation Greenough statue of George Washington courstesy of WikiMedia Commons.  4) Meriwether Lewis by Charles Willson Peale courtesy of WikMedia Commons  5)  Confederate General Robert E. Lee by Levin Corbin Handy (1855-1932) Courtesy of WikMedia Commons
Page Background Image Credit: Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1850)1936) ‘Washington Greeting Lafayette at Mount Vernon’, oil painting, early 20th century, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Image courtesy of Carole Henson at Wikimedia Commons.
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