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The Bold

30th Great Grandfather
971-1016 AD
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Illustration by Paull Mercuri from ‘Costumes Historiques’; Paris 1861; Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor John Sweeney.
Uhtred was the second son of the chief magistrate of Bamburgh, Waltheof I. Some would call his father ‘King’ back in those times. Uhtred’s family had ruled the region on the northeast coast of Northumberland, bordering Scotland, since ancient times. The family’s sphere of power included lands that are now part of Scotland. These ancient kings ruled the area from the Castle of Bamburgh.
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Bamburgh Castle image courtesy Alex Brown at Flikr.
It was in the Bamburgh Castle where Uhtred was born about the year 971 A.D. Uhtred was born at a time of instability in Northumbria, what is now called England. His family ruled the land of Northumbria, although the land was fragmented into two parts, the north and the south. Bernicia and Deira, north and south Northumbria, rivaled one another, not to mention the influence of the Danes in Deira.
Uhtred rose to fame as he raised a force to deal with the agressive new Scottish King, Malcolm II, who, because of the unrest in the south of England and the Danes in and around the city of York, tried to capture the village of Dunham, Northumbria. Uhtred’s father was in poor health and could not protect Dunham. King Ethelred had his armies tied up in the south fighting the Danes so Uhtred had to confront Malcolm on his own.
Uhtred raised an army and went up against Malcolm and the Scots, and decisively defeated King Malcolm. King Malcom returned to the highlands of Scotland and King Ethelred increased Uhtred’s realm of power to include the city of York in southern Northumbria.
In 1016 Uhtred joined King Ethelred’s son, Edmond Ironside, to fight the Danes in Cheshire. While Uhtred was away from Northumbria, King Sweyn’s son, Cnut invaded Yorkshire and because of the strength of Cnut’s army, Uhtred paid homage to him as the King of England. Uhtred was summoned by Cnut and Uhtred and about 40 of his men were ambushed by Thurbrand the Hold, an ally of Cnut’s and Uhtred was murdered.
Uhtred’s son, Ealdred, avenged his father’s death, killing Thurbrand. However, Thurbrand’s son, Carl, in turn killed Ealdred. In and around the time of the 1070s, Ealdred’s grandson had his soldiers attack and kill most of Carl Thurbrand’s sons and grandsons. Uhtred’s dynasty continued on until sometime around 1072, when one of Uhtred’s grandsons, Gospatric, ruled Northumbria.
Lord Uhtred of Bamburgh
Lord Uhtred ‘The Bold’ became the Earl of all of Northumbria. He ruled for about ten years, from 1006 to 1016. He was about 35 years old when he took over the earldom of Northumbria.
Old map of Britain in the year 886 ad
Map of Britain circa 886 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor Lotroo
Over those ten years, he became very powerful and greatly feared. He married into powerful families, forming strong allegiances with them. Uhtred became not only one of King Ethelred’s mightiest leaders, but his son-in-law as well.
However, when their old foe, Sweyn Forkbeard of Norway decided to move in and take over, King Ethelred fled the country and Uhtred bowed down and pledged his allegiance to the new King of England.
Sweyn Forkbeard crowned King of England in 1013
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King Sweyn Forkbeard passed away just a few weeks after he took ‘the throne’. King Ethelbert returned and Uhtred gave his solemn pledge to him once again. Then King Ethelbert gave his daughter, Aelfgifu, to Uhtred in marriage.
Malcom II
954-1034 AD
King of Scots
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Portrait of Malcolm II, King of Scotland, painted by Jacob de Wet II, Dutch artist working in Scotland c. 1673. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor Millergeorge253.
Malcolm was the son of King Kenneth II. His mother was from the Gaelic Kingdom of Leinster which was in Ireland.
Malcom II reigned for 29 years. He was clever and ambitious. Malcom invaded Bernicia in Northumbria in 1006. His attack was focused on taking the town of Dunham. Uhtred raised an army of Northumbrians and defeated King Malcolm. This event was reported in the Annals of Ulster.
The Real Uhtred of Bebbanburg
This video is about the real historical figure Uhtred 'The Bold', the inspiration for the fictional protagonist of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories.
Video courtesy of History Time; publlished on Sep 16, 2017. Join History Time Here
Donald Scott Lee and Uhtred the Bold Pedigree
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Wendell Lee (1922-1999)
Wendell Orie Lee (1922 -1999) married Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996) in Bellflower, California on September 13, 1942. Wendell served in U.S. Coast Guard in 1942-3. He died on February 26, 1999 in Rogue River, Jackson County, Oregon. Wendell’s father was Orie Finiae Lee.
Orie Finiae Lee (4 Jan 1896-16 Dec 1984)
Orie Finiae Lee (1896-1984) was born in the Indian Territory of Heartshorn, Oklahoma. He had five brothers and one step-brother. When he was 20 years old he married  Alberta Lewis  (1898-1963) in Colton, California, in about 1916. Orie died in December of 1984. Orie’s father was Joseph Francis Lee.
Great Grandfather
Joseph Francis Lee (c1868-1933)
Joseph Francis Lee (1867-1933) was born in Miller County, Missouri. Joseph married Luella Ricord in Lebanon, Laclede County, Missouri on September 30, 1891. Joseph and Luella had 6 boys, Charles, Alvin, Orie, William, James, and Frank.  Luella had one boy, Ed Wright, from a previous marriage.  By 1920 Joseph had moved the family to Colton, San Bernadino, California and became a miner. Joseph died on December 8, 1933, and is buried in Colton at the Hermosa Cemetery. Joseph’s father was Charles Henry Lee.
2nd Great Grandfather
Charles Henry Lee (13 Oct 1837-15 May 1905)
Charles Henry Lee (1837-1905) was born in 1837 in Missouri. Charles is listed in U.S. Civil War Draft Registration Records in Adams County in 1863. He had formerly served with the 78th Illinois Infantry. Charles married Nancy Melvina Tanner in Hancock, Illinois on August 27, 1857. Charles died in 1905, in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California. He is buried in the Greenwood Memorial Cemetery in Grass Valley. Charles was a Union Army Civil War Veteran of Company B, 78th Illinois Infantry. Charles’ father was James Henry Lee.
3rd Great Grandmother
Betsy Ann Benson (31 Mar 1814-21 Dec 1889)
Betsy Ann Benson married James Henry Lee (1807-1904) in Missouri in 1830. Betsy’s family of Benson were early followers of the Latter Day Saints, or Mormon, movement. Betsy was a Mormon, however it not known whether her husband, James Lee, was a follower of the faith. Perhaps he was and was converted once he emigratedBetsy’s father was Benjamin Benson.
4th Great Grandfather
Benjamin Benson (3 Aug 1773-8 Oct 1846)
Benjamin Benson married Keziah Barber Messenger (1780-1857) in Mendon, Adams County, Illinois.  The Benson and Messenger families were Mormons. Benjamin’s father was Stutson Benson.
5th Great Grandfather
Stutson Benson (2 Mar 1741-1 Mar 1820)
Stetson Benson was born on March 2, 1741 in Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Stutson came to Dutchess County, New York with his parents as a small boy, sometime before 1744.  He married Bersheba Lewis (1746-1830) in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
6th Great Grandfather
William Benson Jr. (18 Apr 1710-9 May 1797)
William Benson Jr. was born on April 12, 1710 in Rochester, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He was described as a ’sea faring man of Rochester’ in a quitclaim deed in 1740, releasing rights in the estate of Joel Ellis.  He married Elizabeth Ellis (1719-1762), one of Joel Ellis’ daughters on March 22, 1738/9 in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts. During their marriage they had seven children: Ellis b. 31 Mar 1740, Stutson b. 2 Mar 1741, Benjamin, Joel b. Oct 1749 in Fredericksburg, Duchess County, New York, Thankful b. 1752, Elnathan b. abt. 1760, and Seth Stutson b. about 1761 (William’s mother had a half brother named Seth Stutson. William died on May 9, 1797, most likely in Providence, Saratoga County, New York, where he and his son Stutson and wife, Bathsheba had moved. William’s father was William Benson.
7th Great Grandfather
William Benson Sr. (1680-10 Sep 1710)
William Benson Sr. was born in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Stetson in 1710, in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts. William Benson Sr. died in Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts on September 10, 1710. Their son was William Benson Jr.
8th Great Grandmother
Elizabeth Mary Marsh (8 May 1638 - 26 Feb 1704)
Elizabeth Mary Marsh was born on 8 May 1638 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Marsh III (1611-1674) and Susanna (Skelton) Marsh (1620-1695). Elizabeth married John Benson (1634-1711) abt 1660 in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. John was the son of John Benson (1608-1678) and Mary (Williams) Benson. John and Elizabeth Benson were the parents of the following known children: Elizabeth, Joseph, John, Hannah, Isaac and William Benson. Elizabeth died on 26 Feb 1704 in Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. (Ref. WikiTree Mitchell Hopper)
9th Great Grandmother
Susanna Skelton (3 Apr 1620-12 may 1695)
Susanna Skelton was born on 3 Apr 1620 in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, England. Susanna was the daughter of Rev. Samuel Skelton (1591-1634) and Susanna (Travis) Skelton (1597-1631). Susanna arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in 1629 with her parents, sister and brother. She was 9 years old.
Susanna married John Marsh, III (1611-1674) in Salem, Essex, MA in 1635. John was the son of John Marsh Jr. (1589-1626) and Grace (Baldwin) Marsh (1592-1667). John and Susanna Marsh were the parents of the following known children: Mary Marsh, Susanna, Samuel, Benjamin, Jacob, John, Elizabeth, Zachariah, Bethia, Ezekiel and Ruth Marsh. Susanna (Skelton) Marsh died on 12 May 1695 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. She was 75 years old. Her burial information is unknown.(Ref. Wikitree SM Reaper)
10th Great Grandfather
Reverend Samuel Skelton (26 Feb 1592-2 Aug 1634)
The Reverend Samuel Skelton was baptized Coningsby, Lincolnshire, 26 February 1592/3, son of William Skelton. Matriculated at Cambridge from Clare College, 7 July 1608; B.A. 1611-2, M.A. 1615. Married in Sempringham, Lincolnshire, 27 April 1619 Susanna Travis, baptized Horbling, Lincolnshire, 11 September 1597, daughter of William Travis, who died Salem 15 March 1630/1. Came from Tattershall, Lincolnshire to Massachusetts Bay in 1629 on the "George Bonaventure," and settled in Salem. Died in Salem MA, 2 August 1634. When the Salem church was organized on 20 July 1629, Samuel Skelton was chosen as pastor [ Perley 1:151-70]. As the first church founded in Massachusetts Bay, its organization and practices were of great interest to other Puritan ministers still resident in England, and John Cotton especially wrote to Skelton with some of his opinions. Rev. Hutchinson was his 1st "teacher" in the Salem Church. He selected Rev. Roger Williams to assume this position after Hutchinson died, & the congregation selected Williams as their pastor when Skelton died. "Upon the eighteenth day of March came one from Salem and told us that upon the fifteenth thereof there died Mrs. Skelton, the wife of the other minister there, who, about eighteen or twenty days before, handling cold things in a sharp morning, put herself into a most violent fit of the wind colic and vomiting, which continuing, she at length fell into a fever and so died as before. She was a godly and an helpful woman, and indeed the main pillar of her family, having left behind her an husband and four children, weak and helpless, who can scarce tell how to live without her. She lived desired and died lamented, and well deserves to be honorably remembered" ALICE BEGGARLY {1630, Salem}, also known as Alice Daniel, was in some manner related to Samuel Skelton, as she had control of his estate for some time after his death. Source: Anderson's Winthrop Fleet.
(Wikitree Gene Adkins)
11th Great Grandfather
William Skelton (1560-1602)
William Skelton married Sarah. (England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975). Their son was Samuel.
12th Great Grandmother
Isabel Markham (1542-20 May 1579)
Isabel Markham married Roger Skelton (1534-1618) on 23 Jun 1560, in Irby Upon Humber, Lincoln, England. (England Select Marriages, 1538-1973). Their son was William Skelton.
13th Great Grandfather
William Markham (1526-Jul 1571)
William Markham was born in alverton, Nottinghamshire, England. William was the father of Isabel Markham (Skelton).
14th Great Grandfather
John Markham (abt.1490-bef. 28 Oct 1559)
John Markham, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, had three wives. 1) Anne Neville b. c1490, w/2 children, John and Henry. 2) Margery Longford b. c1495, w/2 children, Robert and Magaret (widow of Robert Moreton) and 3) Anne Strelley b. c1495 and d. 12 Oct 1554, w/4 children, thomas, William, Frances (wife of Henry Babbington, and Isabel, wife of John Harrington.
15th Great Grandmother
Alice Skipwith (1468-1510)
Alice Skipwith was born in Allerton, Nottinghamshire, England. Alice was the daughter of William Skipwith and Agnes Constable. She married Sir John Markham (1490-1559) around 1488. Sir John was the son of Sir Robert Markham, High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire.
16th Great Grandmother
Agnes Constable (1428-1483)
Agnes Constable was born in Burton, Yorkshire, England in 1428. Her father was Sir John Constable, the High Sheriff. Agnes married William Skipwith (1415-1482). William was the HIgh Sheriff of Lincolnshire.
17th Great Grandmother
Margaret Umfraville (1388-23 Jun 1444)
Margaret Umfraville was born in Harbottle, Northumberland. She married Sir John Constable, Knight (1388-16 Jan1451) from Halsham, Yorkshire. Sir John was the High Sheriff of Yorkshire.
18th Great Grandfather
Thomas Umfraville II (1361-1390)
Thomas’s mother was Joan Roddam (1328-1386). Thomas was a Knight and was appointed Sheriff of Northumberland. Thomas married Agnes Grey (1365-1420), the daughter of Thomas Grey of Heaton. He was a Knight and a Chronicler, the author of the English chronicle, the Scalacronica, that documents the history of Britain until 1363. Thomas Grey was also imprisoned by the Scots
19th Great Grandfather
Thomas Umfraville I (abt.1329-1387)
Thomas Umfraville I ‘The Elder’ was the 1st Baron of Umfraville. He was the son of Robert de Umfraville and Eleanora de Lumley. Thomas’ wife was Joan de Roddam. Thomas died at the Castle Harbottle in Northumberland. Henry II granted the lands around Harbottle to the Umfravilles.
20th Great Grandfather
Robert de Umfraville IV (1277-1325)
Robert de Umfraville was the 8th Earl of Angus and he was the second son of Gilbert de Umfraville and Ellizabeth Comyn, who was the daughter of Alexander Comyn, 2nd Earl of Buchan. Alexander Comyn was the Guardian of Scotland froom 1286-1289. He became the chief counselor of Alexander III, King of the Scots. Upon the death of Alexander III, Earl Alexander acknowledged Margaret of Norway as heiress to the Scottish throne. Earl Alexander married Elizabeth, the daughter of Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester.
21st Great Grandfather
Gilbert de Umfraville (1244-b.13 Oct 1307)
Gilbert de Umfraville was born in Northumberland. Gilbert married Elizabeth Comyn (1248-1329). Their son was Sir Robert de Umfraville, the 9th Earl of Angus. Gilbert’s mother was Maude (Matilda) de Angus. Gilbert was the first of the Anglo-French ‘de Umfraville’ line to rule the Earldom of Angus.
22nd Great Grandmother
Maude Angus (de Dover) (abt.1214-1261)
Maude (Matilda) Angus was married three times. First to a John Comyn, who died in France. Her second husband was the Earl of Angus, Gilbert de Umfraville, son of Richard de Umfraville, in 1243. Maude and Gilbert had their son Sir Gilbert de Umfraville.. Maude’s third husband was the Sheriff of Berkshire and the Constable of Wallingford Castle.
23rd Great Grandmother
Mary (Maude) de Berkeley (abt.1187-aft.1225)
Mary (Maude) de Berkeley was the daughter of Lord Humphrey de Berkeley of Scotland. Her mother was named Agatha. Mary married the 6th Earl of Angus, Malcom de Angus. Angus is associated with the Pictish Kingdom of Circinn. Angus country is located on the east coast and is marketed as the birthplace of Scotland.
24th Great Grandfather
Humphrey de Berkeley (abt.1197-bef.1226)
Humphrey de Berkeley was the son of Lord Theobald and Eve FitzUchtred. He was born in Glenfarquharln, Kincardinshire, Scotland. Humphrey became the 4th Laird of Gartley. Lord Humphrey married Agatha. Their daughter was Mary who became Mary (or Maude) of Angus.
25th Great Grandmother
Eve FitzUchtred (abt.1150-1173)
Eve FitzUchtred was born at Redcastle in Galloway, Scotland. Her father was Uchtred de Galloway (1120-1174) and her mother was Gunnild de Dunbar (1134-1166). Eve married Theobald de Berkeley (1110-1166) who was born in Banffshire, Scotland. One of Eve and Theobald’s sons was Humphrey De Berkeley
26th Great Grandmother
Gunnild de Dunbar (c.1134-12 May 1166)
Gunnild de Dunbar was the daughter of Waltheof, the 1st Baron of Allerdale. She was born in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, where she also died. Gunnild married Uhtred de Galloway (1120-1174). Uhtred was Lord of Galloway from 1161 to 1174. Uhtred of Galloway may have been the son of one of King Henry the First’s many illegitimate daughters. When he was a boy he was sent as a hostage to the court of King Malcolm IV of Scotland. Uhtred was made co-ruler of Galloway. During the invasion of Northumberland under King William I of Scotland ‘The Lion’, Uhtred of Galloway was “brutally mutilate, blinded, castrated and then killed by his own brother, Gill Brigte, who then seized control of Galloway. Gunnild de Dunbar and Uhtred of Galloway were the parents of Eve of Galloway, wife of Walter de Berkeley.
27th Great Grandfather
Waltheof de Dunbar (abt.1062-1138)
Waltheof de Dunbar held the title of ‘1st Baronn of Allerdale. He was born in Cumbria. Waltheof was the son of Princess Aethelreda and the Earl of Northumberland, Gospatric. Waltheof married Sigrid of Scotland, most likely a daughter of Scotish royalty.
28th Great Grandfather
Gospatric de Dunbar (abt.1040-abt.1074)
Gospatric was a son of Maldred and Ealdgyth. He married Princess Aethelreda de Wessex (1042-1075), daughter of King Ethelred II and his Queen Aelfgifu of York. Gospatric became an Earl of Northumbria until 1072 when William the Conqueror took his title away. Gospatric fled to Scotland and then to Flanders. His daughter, Uchtreda, married King Duncan II of Scotland who was the son of King Malcolm Canmore. Wikipedia
29th Great Grandmother
Ealdgyth de Northumbria (aft.1009-aft.1048)
Ealdgyth was the daughter of Uhtred and his wife Aelgifu of Wessex. Ealdgyth married Maldred de Dunkeld (aft.1003-1045) ‘Lord of Allerdale and Carlisle, in Cumbria, and the brother of Macbeth
30th Great Grandfather
Uhtred de Northumbria (c.971-1016)
Uhtred was born in Bamburgh, Northumberland. He married Princess Aelgifu of Wessex, King Ethelred’s daughter. He was murdered at Wighill in Yorkshire, England, in the year 1016.
I have read this whole set of The Saxon Stories, written by Bernard Cornwell. I give the books 5 stars! Although it is historical fiction, the protagonist, ‘Uhtred’ is the true historical figure. The series follows Uhtred’s life pretty closely, although he does mix in some later historical facts to make a great novel! Click on the book to review it at Amazon!
D. Scott Lee 30th Grandson of Uhtred the Bold
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Page background image credits: Walhall by Emil Doepler; courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor Alonso de Mendoza.
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