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Nicholas Martiau (1591-1657)

9th Great Grandfather
Captain Nicholas Martiau (1591-1657
Captain Nicholas Martiau married Elizabeth Page (1593-Unknown)) in 1625 in Virginia.  Their daughter was Elizabeth Martiau.
8th Great Grandmother
Elizabeth Martiau (1625-1685)
Elizabeth Martiau married Colonel George Reade (1608-1671) in 1641 in Yorktown, Virginia. Their son was Francis Reade.
7th Great Grandfather
Francis Reade (1645-1694
Francis Reade married Ann Beale (1666-1700) in Gloucester, Virginia in 1693. Their daughter was Anne Reade.
6th Great Grandmother
Ann Reade (1688-1739)
Ann Reade married Matthew Pate (1685-Unknown) in Bedford, Virginia in 1709.  Their son was Jeremiah Pate.
5th Great Grandfather
Jeremiah Pate (1716-1803)
Jeremiah Pate married Frances Ragland (1735-1760) in Franklin, Virginia in 1755. Their son was Edward Pate.
4th Great Grandfather
Edward Pate (Unkown-1849)
Edward Pate married Mary Crawford (1771-1850) in Botetourt, Virginia in 1789. Their daughter was Eleanor Pate.
3rd Great Grandmother
Eleanor Pate (1793-1890)
Eleanor Pate married William B. Clark (1796-1818) in Breckinridge, Kentucky in 1811.  Their daughter was Eliza Jane Clark.
2nd Great Grandmother
Eliza Jane Clark (Unkown-1886)
Eliza Jane Clark married William ‘Billy’ Miller (1812-1884) in Breckinridge, Kentucky in 1831.  Their son was Lewis Miller.
1st Great Grandfather
Lewis Miller (1845-1918)
Lewis Miller married Elizabeth Ann Hendrick (1854-1941) in Cloverport, Kentucky. Their son was Virgil Scott Miller.
Virgil Scott Miller (1888-1956)
Virgil Scott Miller married Jessie Jewel Heath (1905-1973) in Long Beach, California in 1924. Their daughter was Marilyn Maxine Miller.
Marilyn Maxine Miller (1924-1996)
Marilyn Maxine Miller married Wendell Orie Lee (1922-1999) in Bellflower, California in 1942. Their son was Donald Scott Lee.
Donald Scott Lee (1945)
Donald Scott Lee was born in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1945.
Indians were not the only killers of the Jamestown Settlers

The swampy waters of Jamestown was a cause of death among the early settlers of Jamestown. So why was Jamestown chosen by the settlers? Click here to learn more.
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Jamestown's swampy environs claim the life of yet another 17th-century English settler in this painting by NPS artist Sydney King. NPS image
The Father of Yorktown
Nicholas Martiau is the earliest emigrant ancestor of George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Martiau was a French Huguenot born near La Rochelle in 1591, but was granted English citizenship and sailed in 1620 for Virginia as part of the London Company. He was a burgess and a justice of Yorke Village from 1633 to 1657 when he died. Nicholas is the considered to be the “Founding Father of Yorktown”.
illustration of yorktown, virginia
Nicholas Martiau - Captain of the Virginia Militia
Frenchman, Captain of the Virginia Militia, Military Engineer and the Father of Yorktown.
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Born in 1591, on the French Isle of 'lle de Re’, Nicholas Martiau was a Protestant Huguenot during a time of persecution of Huguenots by the Catholics in France. Because of his belief in the Calvin Doctrine, he sought exile in England around 1619.¹
Nicholas was a military engineer when he arrived in London.  It is said that, like so many others of the time, he learned to read by studying the gospels and the old testament.  Nicholas became acquainted with Earl Henry Huntington, who was a member of the Virginia Company. Indeed, Earl Henry Huntington was Nicholas’ sponsor for his mission at Jamestown.
At the time, in Virginia, Jamestown was in need of a fortification expert.  Since Nicholas was a military engineer, King James I granted Nicholas English citizenship allowing Nicholas all the privileges of an English citizen in the ‘New World’, giving him the right to own land, vote, and hold public office.  No doubt Earl Huntington provided the support for Nicholas to be appointed to the position of ‘Master Fence Builder’.
On May 16, 1620, at the age of 29, Nicholas set sail on the ship ‘Francis Bonaventure’.  He arrived at Jamestown in August of 1620. Defensive structures were in dire need for the growing young colony and upon his arrival Nicholas designed and the fence around Jamestown.  The fence that Martiau constructed saved the inhabitants of the Jamestown Fort during the Powhatan Indian massacre of 1622.²
After the Jamestown Massacre, King James I revoked the Virginia Company’s charter and made Jamestown a royal colony under his control.  Nicholas acquired land in Elizabeth City, not far from Jamestown, and was elected to the House of Burgesses representing the small colony of settlers there.
In 1630, Nicholas acquired the patent for 1300 acres in Charles River, now York County.  He moved to his new home, which is now the city of Yorktown. Nicholas designed the fortifications of early Yorktown and it is on this land, in 1781, his third great grandson, General George Washington, accepted Conwallis’s surrender at the ‘Battle of Yorktown.’
Nicholas Martiau, Frenchman, Captain in the Virginia Militia, Master Fence Builder, Military Engineer, Virginia colonist, Burgess and first Justice of the Virginia Colony…of course…is the FATHER OF YORKTOWN.  (1591 - 1657)
Elizabeth City Burgess
Nicholas represented Elizabeth City, Virginia in the House of Burgesses 1623-1624.
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References: ¹ Nicholas Martiau; Wikipedia.  ² Nicholas Martiau~Adventurous Huguenot, by John Baer Stoudt. ³ The Donald Scott Tree at
Page Background Image Credits: ‘Death of General Wolfe’ (1770) by Benjamin West (1738-1820). Image provided by Wikimedia Commons Themadchopper.
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