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DNA Ethnicity for Donald Scott Lee

About Your DNA
You get half of your DNA from each parent, and only half of their DNA. However, which half is passed down is random. So while you and your sibling each got half of your DNA from your mom and half from dad, only some of it is the same DNA. And while you and a cousin each inherited roughly 25 percent of your DNA from each of your shared grandparents, even less of that DNA is the same. In general, the more distantly related you are to someone, the less DNA you both share.
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Results from my DNA Test
Ethnicity Estimate for Donald Scott Lee.
Western Europe 48%
map of western europe
Western European includes Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Also includes some of England.
Irish 23%
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Primarily located in Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Also found in France and England.
Scandinavian 13%
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Primarily located in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Also found in Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the Baltic States and Finland.
Great Britain 5%
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Great Britain includes the two kingdoms of England and Scotland, and the Principality of Wales. It is also found Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
Other 11%
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Includes Europe, Italy, Greece, Finland, West Asia and less than 1% Africa.
American Genetic Communities
Comparison of DNA with others shows that Donald Scott Lee is a likely member of these communities.
Lower Hudson Valley and North Jersey
Settlers of the Lower Hudson Valley and North Jersey. Confidence factor is 60%. This community includes the German Palatines, the Dutch, French and Scandinavians.
Lower Midwest and Virginia
This community includes the English, German and Scotch Irish settlers who made their way further west to the bluegrass of Kentucky and beyond.
DNA Circles on Ancestry
DNA Circles on connect members who have common ancestors. DNA is then compared to those members of the group to identify who in the group shares the same DNA. At present I belong to 30 DNA Circles on Ancestry.
Ancestry Membership
This membership benefit has enabled me to connect with unknown cousins allowing us to collaborate on family research. I was able to connect with a member who had been adopted and searching for her family. Now she is part of our family and is in contact with her ancestors and relatives. This in itself is worth the fees I spend researching genealogy!
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