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“Maybe you’ll find an egg or two!”
To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.
Chinese Porverb
Note! Most images on this website should be referenced as to where they came from, with credit given to that person or website. These images are not free to be copied by visitors unless they credit the original provider. In all other cases, those photos and images that are courtesy of me, are free to all of those visitors who would like to have them. Happy Hunting! D.Scott Lee - Webmaster
Family Trees
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Over 50 Family Trees related to the Lee and Miller genealogy. Each family page includes relationship connections to related family ancestors. Includes related articles on settlements, family notables, immigrants, founders and historical notes with references and links to sources.
Family Notables
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The Lee and Miller and over 50 related family’s notable figures. Presidents, founders, explorers and what ever it be that made them famous, like Samuel ‘Uncle Sam’ Wilson from Troy, New York.
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The Resource Section includes some of the resources that I use in my research. It includes websites, books and other ancestry tools that have been helpful in finding my ancestors. Some of these tools can be acquire at no cost and others like books can be purchased used from various sources.
Family Documents
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A collection of various genealogy documents including marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage bonds, biographies, military records, federal and state censuses, wills, tax records and any other documents that relate to the 50 family trees on this website. Links to the Document page may be found on the family tree pages where applicable.
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There is a lot of excitement around the advances in the DNA application to genealogy. Some folks may feel that it is not worthwhile while others think that it a great investment and tool for family research.
Family Media
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Photos, Videos, and family images including some gravestones of ancestors or family members. All borrowed images are credited to the source. Some images are public domain.
Deacon Samuel Chapin
10th GGF
The Puritan
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
The story behind the statue is that it was commissioned by a railroad tycoon and a congressman from Springfield, Massachusetts, Chester W. Chapin, who was also a direct descendant of Deacon Samuel Chapin, one of the early settlers of Springfield, Massachusetts.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the sculptor, was born in France and raised in New York City.
Join up with WikiTree and become a part of a worldwide family. Check it out! It’s free and a great resource if you are building your family tree. Warning! It is addicting!
How many ancestors do we have?
“Direct lineage on your family tree is just that – you – your parents – your grandparents – great grandparents – great great grandparents, etc. You do not count aunts, uncles, cousins as direct ancestors but rather as extended family line, just as important but just examining direct lines can be sometimes a bit overwhelming.”
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8th Cousin 5x Removed
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
The Pearl of Scotland
Saint Margaret of Scotland
Queen of Scots
Princess Margaret of Wessex
28 Great Grandmother
She was the grand-daughter of Edmund ‘Ironside’ of Wessex, King of England. Her father, one of the king’s sons, spent his life in exile in Hungary. Margaret was born in Hungary. Her mother’s name was Agatha .
When Margaret’s family returned to England they soon fled to Scotland when William the Conqueror and the Normans invaded the land. Margaret married King Malcolm II in 1070 and became the Queen of Scots.
Margaret was a pious Roman Catholic and spent her life doing charitable works all across Scotland. She was the mother of several Kings of Scotland including King Donald III, who was the father of Bethoc MacDuncan who married the Earl of Nothrumbria, Uchtred FitzWaltheof, of Danish heritage.
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Image of Saint Margaetha in stained glass work at St. Margareth’s Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland, by Kjetil Bjornsrud 2005, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor Kjetilbjornsrud.
Page References: 1) Homepage Background Image - Buntes Federvieh (Colorful Feathers) (1882), by German Artist Carl Jutz (1838-1916). Public Domain; Wikimedia Commons User FA2010
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